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Sebidee's Unit Resize
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Oct 5, 2017 @ 6:00am
Jun 1, 2018 @ 9:40am
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Sebidee's Unit Resize


- Updated for Queen & Crone, June 1st 2018.
- Save Game Compatible.

Hi guys,

This mod overhauls the size of units in what I feel is a realistic, lore-friendly and simply good looking way! It affects almost every unit in the game from both Old and New World factions.

This mod is visuals only and does not affect any unit stats.

The mod does 5 main things:

1) It significantly increases the height variation between each individual soldier in a unit, similar to how it was in Total War: Attila. It goes without saying that in real life there are short people and there are tall people and this is true in the Warhammer world too. The size variation is not obvious but it does help to make the entire unit seem more varied and not like a regiment of clones.

2) It generally increases the size of units belonging to the Lizardmen, Greenskins, Chaos, Elves and Beastmen in a lore friendly way. In the lore Saurus Warriors are said to be much larger than a man and are bred as perfect killing machines, so they are a little more bulky. Orcs increase in size whenever they win a fight so higher tier units such as Big 'Uns and Black Orcs are visibly larger than mere Orc Boyz (who themselves are slightly larger than vanilla). Chaos warriors (and Beastmen) are blessed by the Chaos gods and are magically increased in size in order to wreak havoc on the Old World, again higher tier units are more blessed so Chaos Warriors are larger than Marauders and Chosen are larger still. In addition Elves have been made slightly taller across the board. In the lore it is said that elves are "as much as a head taller than a human". In this mod they are 6 inches to a foot taller than most human models to simulate this.

3) It makes Elf, human and dwarf heroes and generals equal in size to regular troops. Personally I always found it strange that ordinary people, without magic or specially biology, are giants. I found it even stranger that some so called "dwarfs" were actually taller than most humans! I find that having them be a normal size is much more realistic and has no effect on gameplay.

4) Similarly, generals and heroes of the Greenskins, Chaos and Beastmen factions have been made larger. An Orc Warboss wins the most fights in his army and should be huge, and a Chaos Champion should be the most blessed by the Chaos gods. Some legendary lords such as Archaon, The Lord of Change and Grimgor Ironhide are now monstrous in size, which I think fits their reputation. Also Malekith is slightly taller than a regular elf to make him seem more intimidating.

5) Lastly, this mod slightly increases the size of large monsters in the game including, but not limited to Kroxigars, Carnisaurs, Stegadon, Eagles, Hydra, Dragons, Rat Ogres, Trolls, Giants, Crypt Horrors, Minotaurs, Arachnarok Spiders, Chaos Spawn and Terrorgheists. No particular reason why, I just think massive monsters are more terrifying and therefore better.

This mod includes all units and characters in the game. Units are also not any stronger than they were before (the changes are visual only).

I hope you like the mod and stay tuned for more. If you have any suggestions for mods you would like to see in the future then please let me know.

Thanks and happy modding!

- Sebidee

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