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(WOTC) Ebontech Armor
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Sep 27, 2017 @ 1:33am
Oct 11, 2017 @ 1:48am
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(WOTC) Ebontech Armor

War of the Chosen compatible version of my mod, Ebontech Armor.

Link to the vanilla version here:

For the helmet seen in the preview pictures (and more helmets!), go to my mod "Derejin Helmets Pack":

Please note that this mod adds XCOM Soldier armor pieces to Hero units, and as such certain heroes may not be able to unequip certain armor parts unless you have the Invisible Parts mods:

"[WOTC] Invisible Parts for Hero Units"

"Empty WOTC Deco Slots for XCOM Soldiers (+ Some other empty things)"

(this mod does not include invisible parts for these slots, as the above mods already cover such functionality for this mod and for others)

A suit of purely cosmetic armor inspired by the Ebony Armor set from "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim", as well as Dead Space, Halo, and more!
It has optional shoulderpads, shoulder cape, and full cape. The shoulderpads and capes have non-tinted and tinted versions!

This armor also has CUSTOMIZABLE LIGHTS - they obey the Secondary Color of the soldier that has the armor equipped. Go nuts!

In addition, for WOTC, the armor pieces are added to the Hero Classes - the Reaper, Skirmisher, and Templar, that is!
The unique armor slots that the Hero classes have tend to clip with certain modded armor pieces, and this mod is not exempt. Still, as you can see in the screenshots, they still work very well for the most part!

Contents (all fit both male+female - they're cosmetic props usable with any tier):
-Ebony Torso
=Tintless Shoulder Cape
=Tinted Shoulder Cape
=Tintless Full Cape
=Tinted Full Cape

-Ebony Arms (left and right)

-Ebony Shoulderpads (left and right - both tinted and non-tinted)

-Ebony Legs
=Thin version (no thighguards)

-Ebony Full Cape (Tintless)
-Ebony Full Cape (Tinted)
(these full capes are found in Helmet or Upper/Lower Face Props, as well as on torso variants)


=Thin Legs Variant!
=Adds a version of the legs without the thighguards

=Full Cape Patch
=Adds in Torso slots that also add the Ebony Full Cape
=Also adds in Helmet slots for the Ebony Full Cape

=Full Cape 01!
=Adds Full Cape 01 as a Lower Face Prop and an Upper Face Prop. It is physics enabled!
Should work with any torso - at least, initial testing says so.
Definitely works with the torso added by this mod, however!

v1.0 WOTC Patch
=Hero Update!
=Hero classes can now use the armor pieces.
Please note that the unique armor slots that the hero classes use will often clip with mod-added armor pieces, but not always. Experiment and see what works for you. :)

=Initial Release!
=Ebontech Torso, Arms, Shoulderpads, and Legs!

Q. "In WOTC, certain Heroes cannot unequip the shoulder slots!"
A. Beginning of the description contains links to mods that add invisible armor slots.
I'm not duplicating functionality of existing mods that do it much better - unnecessary overlap is unnecessary. :)

Known Issues
-If you're freshly going into the Props menu for customizing a soldier, the "Shoulders" options may be grayed out.
This seems to be an engine issue, and is easily fixed by quickly going into one of the individual "Arms" options and backing back out.
-If you've freshly installed the mod, you may experience serious weirdness when equipping this mod' (or any mod's) new armor pieces onto hero classes. This weirdness only occurs when swapping out armor pieces, and leaving+re-entering the character pool (or specific character in the pool) should fix it.
This seems to be an engine issue, as it occurs with other mods as well (at least the one I tested).
-The Templar's stance in the Character Pool may have their feet clip with the full cape.
The full cape likely will be fine in gameplay, however - please report in if it's not.
-The Full Cape, if equipped as a Head prop (helmet or lower/upper face prop), will not animate properly if you do not have a torso with a "Cloak" socket directly on the ribcage bone. Vanilla items do not have this socket, but this mod's torsos do!
If you have modding tools you can add this socket onto torsos from other mods (simply open up the torso you want, click the socket tool, add a Socket onto the Ribcage and name it Cloak) and they'll work with the cape, too. :)

-None known yet. Should be none, since this is just a cosmetic mod.

-Font used in preview pic (it's free):

-Various texture maps used as brushes from Textures.com (only used free textures)

Inspired by:

Stenchfury Modular Armors

Made in Blender and GIMP. Yes, really, just those two! They're both free!
It's possible. You can do it too.
I started focusing on Blender in about June 2017.

After completing a bunch of helmets for my mod "Derejin Helmets Pack", I started making an armor set and.. here we are!

This is part of my first serious forray into 3D Modeling: if you have tips, please leave them as comments!

I may add more gear later.

If you want more, please let me know, and what type of gear you want: more variations of what exists? New armor entirely? :)

Guides used to make this mod:
-CapnBub's Accesories Pack (imported from it to act as a guideline)
-Stenchfury Modular Helmets (same)
-Stenchfury Modular Armors (same)
-E3245's Weapon Texturing Guide

-Guide on modeling Vader's Helmet (part of getting started in modeling in Blender)

-Guide on 3D Modeling Workflow (done in 3DSMax, not Blender, but the routine he uses, and the concepts, are incredibly applicable)

Also, thanks to the users at Reddit (especially E3245) for tips along the way!

I may make a guide for making props for XCOM 2, as there were MANY steps involved in making this mod, and MANY mistakes made along the way that took up a lot of time correcting.
If I can elucidate some of the mod-creation routine, it may help the modding community immensely, as there are a lot of tough questions with easy answers that I ran across while making this mod (and sometimes had to brute force to find the answer).
Knowing the workflow drastically reduces the turnaround time on starting on a model and having a releaseable product!

Other Stuff:
  • You may utilize this mod and assets from this mod to create other mods, IF YOU GIVE ME CREDIT. Link back here (or to another site where I am the person who uploaded the mod), please, as well!

  • You do NOT need permission from me to create patches for this mod (for overhauls, etc.). Go nuts!
    But still, give me credit for the initial mod. :p

  • As of now, I will be the only person to upload this mod, and it will be available on the Steam Workshop. Please do not download from other sources, as they're not from me, unless it's part of a modpack!

  • I may build upon this mod. I spent a long time on it, and I have ideas for additional goodies - guess it depends on response and how I feel about it. :p

Like my work? Feel free to donate![paypal.me]
Up to you - the mod's free. :)

Thank you for your time - I praise the Lord Jesus for the opportunity to do this!
Colossians 3:23
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Derejin  [author] Jul 8 @ 9:35am 
Thank you!

I'm not the best modeler in the world, but probably done with this project for the moment. Hope you still like it, though!
Chiron Jun 17 @ 10:39pm 
looks great, especially the cape added! but all due respect, torso seems quite simple and i think it needs more detailed on the surface or texture whatever :)
Derejin  [author] Nov 21, 2019 @ 7:52am 
Want to note: someone recently commented (very angrily, might I add!) that they could not remove their shoulders on one of their units.

If they had read the description, they would easily see that there are mods to fix this and I did not include that functionality in this mod due to wanting to avoid overlapping functionality.
Links are in the description to alleviate this issue, too, and those aren't the only mods that can solve the problem.

Generally speaking, you should read a mod's description before downloading it, and you should read the description again before seeking assistance if you think something's wrong.
Attacking someone over *your* mistakes can merely lead to get you blocked without your problem being alleviated.
You are responsible for what you do to your game. Don't be negligent! ;)
Derejin  [author] Oct 20, 2019 @ 10:58am 

Thank you!
Giantspaz Oct 20, 2019 @ 5:23am 
These are legit, nice work.
Derejin  [author] Jun 2, 2019 @ 2:23pm 
@The Tourniquet

Sorry I don't recall anything about errors like that at the moment. Not brushed up on the mod tools very much lately - been busy with work. :P
The Tourniquet Jun 2, 2019 @ 1:50pm 
@Derejin I tried that and got nothing. Oh well, I'll try reinstalling the modding tools, see if that does anything. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and have a good day.
Derejin  [author] Jun 2, 2019 @ 1:06pm 
@The Tourniquet
Then again, that's why, isn't it? You're trying to add the cloak socket.

I'd recommend searching that up on the XCOM mods subreddit, or Google, or the XCOM 2 Mods Discord.
Search up the error, that is, and see if you can spot the problem. I know there's a couple of weird minor 'quirks' to get around when editing stuff and they don't come to mind at the moment.
Derejin  [author] Jun 2, 2019 @ 1:05pm 
@The Tourniquet
I'm not sure either - it looks like you're loading something from another mod (CloneCommandoArmory), but my mod doesn't reference anything in other mods.

You should be fine, I think? That error doesn't look like it'd effect anything in mine.
I imagine part of the reason you're getting that is because you're loading the wrong file or some such. Not sure.
The Tourniquet Jun 2, 2019 @ 11:47am 
Okay, I know next to nothing about modding, so excuse me if this is a stupid query. I've been trying to add a cloak socket to another mod's armor and followed all of your steps as best I could. However, I've encountered a problem with opening an external package. When I try to do so it says this:

The following resources were not found. Any references to them were set to NULL.
WARNING: If you save now these references will be saved as NULL.

Missing Files
Unable to load package (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\268500\1673453189\Content\CloneCommandoArmory_Assets.upk) PackageVersion 845, MaxExpected 845 : LicenseePackageVersion 120, MaxExpected 108.

I've been troubleshooting for hours and have no idea what's wrong. Any help would be very greatly appreciated.