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Shield4noob ORP/OIP - StartZone - SafeZone PvPvE
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Sep 22, 2017 @ 7:56am
Feb 25, 2018 @ 12:03pm
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Shield4noob ORP/OIP - StartZone - SafeZone PvPvE

NEW ! PERMANENT or TEMPORARY Protection Or ORP Like (Stills in BETA) (OIP : Offline Intrusion Protection)

This Mod add 3 modified Tek Shield Generator, specifically designed for PvPvE & PvP servers :

- ORP/OIP Shield (Provide an Offline Intrustion/Raiding Protection)
- StartZone Shield (Provide a temporary safe zone to Start, or re-start after a raid)
- SafeZone Shield (Provide a Permanent SafeZone for your base)

It will help players to have UNraidable base for a short time or forever, for a better wild PvP.
It Also provide an Offline Raid Protection (ORP) but it's more accurate to call it "OIP" for Offline Intrusion Protection.
It basically means that once the shield is activated, no one except the tribe can enter the area.

The mod is clean and STACKABLE, it's a safe and stable version.

Mod GUID : 1141417118

- Engram at Lvl 1 (requiered to craft but not to activate the shields)
- Structures craftable by players for 100 Wood, 100 Stone, 75 Hide, 5 Metal Ore.
- No fuel needed.
- Completely PROOF from the outside, ennemy players/dinos and Wild Dinos cannot get in, but they can get out.
- Players can adjust size up to what you set as MaxRadius.
- Structure can be picked up (except for StartZone)
- Custom Decay Time
- Custom Timers
- Limited to 1 per Tribe by default (Autodespawn if over the limit)

Check all possibilities at Config Thread here :

Add to Game.ini if you want to HIDE the engrams

This is my first mod so thanks for leaving feedbacks and report any bug.
Special Thanks to Anarki that helped me a lot understanding the Graph stuff for limiting the structure to one per tribe !

The mod is actually set on our community PvPvE Server here :
For More infos about our community, join

If you wish to donate, you can use our community Tipeee, your help is always welcome to keep our servers online :
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i cant read Jul 18 @ 4:15am 
i like the mod idea but i need a mod like this but only for admins so i can make a safezone area for people to buy and sell at if you could do something like that most likely a lot of people would like it :)
Leventier May 15 @ 5:42pm 
how does one get this shield to work? the admin code doesn't seem to work cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Shield4noob/PrimalItemStructure_s4n.PrimalItemStructure_s4n'" 1 0 0 what's the name of the engram?
Locour Apr 25 @ 7:51am 
Hi nEus, ouh, I understand.. that's unfortunate :/ But thank you for your answer anyway :D
nEus  [author] Apr 25 @ 7:30am 
Hi Locour, I've lost the source code on an unfortunate computer reset, i'm not able to update the mod anymore.
Anyway, the actual version is a stable and working one, as long as the settings are properly adjusted.
New feature are not possible due to the lack of source code, as explained above :(
Locour Apr 21 @ 3:52pm 
This great idea of a mod seems to be dead.. don't get me wrong, everything is working fine.. except of 3 things

- This mod perfectly fits my server cluster if the issues get fixed.
- I'm offering you money to continue your awesome mod, and fix these two issues for me. :)
- A bit rude to post this here, but since you don't respond to my friendrequest I have no choice :P
- Hopefully you read this post soon and letting me know your opinion about this!
[ So I can delete this post ;) ]

Best regards
Locour Apr 21 @ 2:50pm 
i want to offer and ask you something
Locour Apr 21 @ 5:19am 
may you accept my friend request please?
KillSwitch Mar 24 @ 10:51am 
dont think this mod works everytime i put it down it goes invisable
k3vinv3m Mar 19 @ 12:39pm 
make a version for the solo game
Praio77 Jan 24 @ 1:11am 
tested a bit more.. when set to 1 and startet new its invisible.. when i use color, it stays invisible. when i remove color with soap it gets set to normal, like in your picture.... so seems it doesnt save invis setting somehow....