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StormFox - Environment mod
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Sep 10, 2017 @ 10:09am
Mar 12, 2019 @ 12:04pm
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StormFox - Environment mod

Version 1.63

StormFox is a free environment mod that will freshen your GMod experience with weather, light and effects!

It is made to support as many people as possible. This means SF runs mostly on the client, will adjust its quality to each individual machine and even try to adjust itself to most maps for the best outcome.

  • Day/ Night cycle (With a chance of seeing shooting stars)
  • Rain, fog, thunder, wind and many other effects.
  • vFire support.
  • Dynamic moon phases.
  • Dynamic clouds
  • Dynamic weather generation.
  • Environment sounds. E.g. calm rain hiting the window.
  • Snow texture replacement. Grass, dirt and roads will be covered in snow.
  • Dynamic shadow and light (This option is off by default)
  • Lamps that can be placed by admins and light up doing the night or in dark storms.
  • Map lights will be turned on doing the night.
  • CAMI support for most adminmods.
  • Wiremod support
  • Wind physics (off by default)
    .. and many more features

Supports existing map day/night-effects

(Map is: rp_industrial17_beta9)

Weather Controller for easy weather access (admins only)
You can find it under Q -> Options -> StormFox Server Settings -> Weather Controller, sf_menu in console or in the context menu (C - menu).

Console Commands
  • sf_menu - Opens the weather controller
  • sf_opensettings - Opens the server settings
  • sf_openclsettings - Opens the client settings
  • sf_open_mapbrowser - Opens the SF mapbrowser.

  • Will this work with another weathermod?
    Sadly no. The mods will start to fight for the control of sun and the skypaint entity.

  • Does this mod require any game/asset?
    Yes, there are a few entities that use CSS models, but its nothing major.

  • Something went wrong. This specific map doesn’t work.
    Go to server settings and open the troubleshooter menu. Not all maps support all effects.

  • Can I disable time?
    Kinda, You can pause time by setting sf_time_speed to 0 and set a time with sf_start_time. (Although sf should save the time between each server shutdown).

Known Issues
  • Dynamic lights aren't casting shadows!
    The Gmod engine only support 8 lights with shadows at all times. Careful not to place too many lightentities near each other.
  • I'm lagging!
    Be sure the weather quality is at 0 for auto, if the problem still persists, try set it manually at 1. Dynamic shadows can also be expensive on big maps.
  • There are snow at the wrong places!
    Some maps use outdoor textures indoors, you can fix this in the server settings to replace dirt/grass only.
  • Some of the effects are missing.
    Check if the map got all entities supported. You can find missing entities displayed on the weather controller.

    You can hover your mouse over each element, to learn what effect this has.

  • My problem isn't here.
    Check the troubleshooter in the serversettings. It will usually tell what is wrong.

Server Configs

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