STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

STAR WARS™ Empire at War: Gold Pack

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Republic at War 1.2
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Sep 7, 2017 @ 4:55am
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Republic at War 1.2

What is Republic at War?

Republic at War is a total conversion modification for Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption. The mod replaces the Empire with the Galactic Republic and the Rebel Alliance with the Confederacy. Republic at War focuses heavily on the theatrical films but also contains content from the Clone Wars cartoon series as well as the expanded universe. Players can re-enact various Clone War campaigns such as the Outer Rim Sieges. Players will have the choice to fight as either the CIS or the Republic and wage war for control of the galaxy. Realism is key and players will have unprecedented control over how and where they fight. Push forward with an entire clone legion such as the 501st or 212th or overwhelm your opponent with a seemingly endless number of B1 battledroids. The choice is yours. There are also a number of expansions planned that will add new (as well as polish existing) content.

About Republic at War 1.2
This latest release includes hundreds of additions and improvements over the existing game that make it an absolute blast to play.

Some highlights include:
  • Improved AI (with refined difficulties) -- easy is ACTUALLY easy!
  • 15 new units
  • 5 new structures
  • 2 new planets
  • 2 new GC maps
  • 3 hours of new music
  • Fleshed out FotJ GC campaign with story elements
  • Greatly improved unit balance.
  • Support for both Spanish and Russian text translations

You can view the full changelog here[].

Where to get more information?
For detailed information about the mod and new updates please visit our Moddb page.

Running Republic at War

After subscribing to this mod, please wait until the download is finished!

The recommended way of launching Republic at War is by using our custom build launcher. The launcher can be downloaded here. Please insert the exectuatble File intor your corruption folder of the game. For more information how to download the mod please get the latest install guides from here.

Alternatively you can use the built-in steam method to launch a Forces of Corruption Mod.
If the game doesn't re-launch when you enable the mod ingame, or you want to just directly launch into the mod, go to the properties for Empire at War in Steam and paste the following into launch options (including steammod):

Having problems with the AI?
Though we made sure the AI does not conflict with other installed mods we still receive reports that the AI is not doing anything. If you have installed RaW correctly the AI is functional. To check if your mod installation is correct and complete please download the launcher from here. Hit the "Fix AI" button under check-tab. Also press the check button to make sure the mod was downloaded successfully. Restore the mod with the launcher if required.

German Version Download
Germans will have the pleasure to get a full localization of Republic at War including all new audio and voice files, while still beeing able to play online with friends. You can download the german patch from Moddb. Follow the included install guide.

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cjmx21 Mar 16 @ 10:25pm 
i just froze my game by dropping a fleet of 205 Venators, 167 Victorys, 150 Dreadnoughts, 3 Imperial Star Destroyers, 12 CR-70s, and the Pride of the Core into 1 map. those ships spawned 1,500 squadrons of V-Wings and 850 squadrons of ARC-170s. as soon as i took command and ordered them to move, the game froze lol. and yes, i was only able to do this because i messed with the tactical unit cap in the Factions.XML file
MasterKos25 Mar 16 @ 7:50pm 
A problem seems to be units don't attack on the move (very much) and their range is abysmal.
cjmx21 Mar 16 @ 3:33pm 
i was wondering if anyone could tell me how to alter the land capture points values? i want to change how many more units capturing a point will grant access to. i thought it would be easy like the space tactical unit cap, but when i go to the land tactical unit cap lines, it only affects skirmish and not galactic conquest.
Firestar1212 Mar 16 @ 7:15am 
@marcvs both sides level the same, with a reserch building on certan worlds, IE, if your playing the GC from Ashes, the closest world is Naboo
Marcvs Mar 15 @ 10:08am 
How do you advance in level in galactic conquest?
hollandwilliam7 Mar 14 @ 5:26pm 
Having problems with the graphics. Everthy model and background is green whenever I use the mod. Any advice on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated
jsteinbeigle Mar 14 @ 5:16pm 
I really like the game just wish that the jedi temple could be a unique building that we could build on coruscant
The_Pocketed_Pear Mar 14 @ 4:54pm 
repeatedly astounded at how useless republic frigates are. Aclamators and everything else in that sort of class are completely useless against most CIS comparable classes, gotta balance that
Reap3rTek Mar 14 @ 4:38pm 
It launches just fine, but crashed when i click skirmish in the main menu, itd play just fine before. Help?
russkibene Mar 14 @ 4:26pm 
Robin du bist mega