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ADVENT Armoury - War of the Chosen - ADVENT Flamethrower
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Aug 29, 2017 @ 12:57pm
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ADVENT Armoury - War of the Chosen - ADVENT Flamethrower

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Hey guys! I have returned! I couldn't let the new War of the Chosen DLC pass me by now could I? There is so much cool stuff in this DLC but the one thing I have been super excited for, since seeing them in the trailer, are ADVENT Flamethrowers. I have wanted flamethrowers in my XCOM since the game officially launched and trying to add them in was the whole reason I got into modding in the first place. Now the ADVENT have them and we can't let them have all the fun with those awesome looking flamethrowers now can we? :P

This one is a standalone mod that adds in ADVENT weaponry for your troops to use! Pick those weapons up off the floor and let's use them back on our oppressors! :D

At the Moment this Mod Currently Contains:

The ADVENT Purifier Flamethrower - A fearsome and sleek looking flamethrower that negates dodging and sets everything in its path ablaze! Originally designed to take out large numbers of the lost in one swoop it is equally as devastating against friend and foe alike. Keeping true to the ADVENT version it doesn't require reloading and inflicts modest damage at the price of destroying cover and item drops. The rangers are the only class that use these as the weapon is technically classified as a shotgun. Provides interesting functionality with skills such as Run and Gun though. I feel it's fairly well balanced, coming in a little weaker than rifles but with good perks to balance this out. Might need a little more tweaking but I'll wait for some feedback on that front. I feel it's in a decent playable place at the moment anyhow. It is now customisable with all in game patterns and colours. :)

The ADVENT Priest Rifle - Similar in design to the standard ADVENT rifles used by ADVENT forces, but supporting a higher rate of fire and greater damage output, the Priest's Rifle is truely a deadly killing machine. Being a rifle it can be used by most soldier classes and power wise it comes out just above the stock rifle. It is fully customisable with all in game patterns and colours. :)

The Darklance Replica Sniper Rifle - Manufactured from a standard XCOM Sniper Rifle but incorporating the technology of the Hunter's Darklance. This versatile sniper rifle is made from alien alloy making it surprisingly lightweight and inbuilt stabilizers allow the wielder to set up quickly after moving position to enable them to get back in the fight quicker. Fully upgradable and fully customisable this Sniper rifle looks as good as it feels to use. This sleek Replica Sniper Rifle will have you taking out targets like one of the chosen.

The Disruptor Replica Assault Rifle - Manufactured from a standard XCOM Rifle but incorporating the technology of the Warlocks Disruptor Rifle. This modified rifle packs a deadly punch that will leave all opposing forces decimated in its wake. Fully upgradable and fully customisable this Assault rifle looks as good as it feels to use. This sleek Replica Assault Rifle will make you as fearsome as the Warlock himself.

The Arashi Replica Shotgun - Manufactured from a standard XCOM Shotgun but incorporating the technology of the Assassin's Arashi Shotgun. Its longer barrel allows it to be slightly more accurate at range. Fully upgradable and fully customisable this Shotgun can match your trooper's camouflage to blend in as they stealthily dart in and out of cover like the Assassin herself.

What's to Come and Conclusion:

I have worked on this solidly for a few days now, configuring the new modding tools and figuring out where all the new models are in the files and such so at the moment the flamethrower is the only weapon currently in this mod. BUT THERE WILL BE MORE! I'm planning on making all of my weapons customisable with colours and patterns and I also want to add all those awesome rifles and melee weapons that the chosen get now as well as a few other bits and bobs so stay tuned for more updates!

I am making all weapons upgradeable through all three tiers of weapons technology so that you can upgrade and use them throughout your campaign. All you have to do is complete your normal tier upgrade research projects, Magnetic Weapons and Beam Rifles.

As far as I can tell everything seems to be working as intended but a little more testing may be required. I didn’t have much time but was eager to share this with you. If you find anything that seems like a bug post it in the comments section and I'll try to get round to fixing it as soon as I can. :)

I hope you enjoy my mod! If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below and if you enjoy the mod please click that thumbs up button, rate and favourite it. :D


Q: The Flamethrower looks like it should be a Grenadier weapon why is it for Ranger only?
A: The Flamethrower was actually made as a shotgun variant by the developers of the game and as such it is missing a lot of coding and animation which would make it work with other classes. It also doesn't have overwatch which would mean Grenadier skills such as Suppression just wouldn't work. This weapon works very well as a close range Ranger variant and I do not intend to do the days of extra work to make it work with other classes when the outcome would be buggy and ultimately not worth it.

Q: Why does the Flamethrower seem weak compared to other weapons?
A: The Flamethrower damage stat is balanced to be just slightly under the stock rifle this is in line with the version ADVENT Purifiers use and is fine when you take into account that it is able to hit multiple targets in one turn. As well as this anything you hit will take burn damage from the burn status that will be applied to them so you are actually getting a little extra out of it in reality.

Q: Why does the Flamethrower tend to miss a lot?
A: While the Flamethrower does negate the dodging stat it still takes cover bonuses into account. You may not hit targets that have good cover as they will duck behind it. Flanking targets is always a good idea and will help you hit what you are firing at. Furthermore the Flamethrower doesn't actually use the AIM stat. It doesn't work like any other weapon and instead uses its own stats called RANGE, RADIUS and TILE COVERAGE. I'm not sure how these stats affect the "aim" but if you would like to make the weapon unrealistically powerful you can tweak these values in the .ini files.

Q: Is the Flamethrower upgradable?
A: Yes it is! It will upgrade through all three tech tiers gaining small damage increases in line with the stock rifle.

Q: Why isn't the Flamethrower better against enemies?
A: Because quite simply it wasn't designed for combat. It was made to eradicate the lost from urban areas. You CAN use it in combat, it does have its advantages but there are also disadvantages to using it over the stock shotgun. Bring the correct tools to the correct mission and you shouldn't run into any issues. The Flamethrower has a lot of strategic value. You can hit multiple targets with it, destroy cover and deny your targets access to parts of the map.

Q: Can you lock the flamethrower behind the Purifier research?
A: I could but seeing as the first Purifier corpse you get is in the third mission of the game I don't think there is really any point to me doing this. Just seems like I would be wasting my time really.
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[OG]CombatMedic02  [author] Jul 26 @ 3:35pm 
@bigmoneysunny Thank you! This is a known bug with extra weapons I believe. No one has come up to a solution for it as far as I know and I haven't been able to work out why it occurs myself. Rest assured that if I ever find out how to fix it I will update the mod. Sorry to lose your sub but I hope you had fun with my weapons all the same. It's a minor bug but I am aware that it does grate on peoples nerves. Like I said, if I find out how I will fix it! (If it is even possible.)
big munny sunny Jul 26 @ 7:02am 
hey ik this is weird but i had a glitch where my soldiers would continually equip the chosen shotgun even after id give them a regular one. im running a lot of mods so idk what exactly is the issue, but regardless ive had a lot of fun thanks to your work! thanks for the great mod (even tho ive had to unsub) and keep it up!
Gguy Jul 26 @ 6:43am 
@[OG]CombatMedic02 will do, and yes, i always have other weapons, but if i expect either the lost, or large groups of enemies, i always bring one along, besides, since i have the grim horizon lost world happening, i seem to be spending alot of time fighting an invasion of both radioactive zombies, and aliens.
[OG]CombatMedic02  [author] Jul 25 @ 11:24am 
@Gguy Glad you are enjoying the mod! :D: I must say that they aren't quite right for every situation, there is a lot of strategy to them but never the less they are a lot of fun to use, especially in the early game. Keep barbequing those xenos brother. :TorchFlame:
Gguy Jul 24 @ 3:14am 
Burn, baby, burn!

Really epic, gotta say, flamethrowers with large arcs are soooo badass. now, even if i miss, the enemies usually catch fire (since it's all around them) , it's great for clearing out the lost, and great for setting up traps (i can burn an entire forrest, and give myself a good chance to burn alot of people that walk into it (even better in tight corridors.
MrShadowCX Jul 9 @ 9:50am 
@[OG]CombatMedic02 ok thanks... im not sure yet if i will need to use anything from your mod but wanted to ask to be sure. I have all my own stuff working already. More or less just needed the upk files to allow for color changes on the flamer but i might just do it myself.
[OG]CombatMedic02  [author] Jul 9 @ 7:08am 
@MrShadowCX Sure, as long as you give credit I don't mind if you use my assets. :)
MrShadowCX Jul 8 @ 5:33pm 
@[OG]CombatMedic02 Im trying to make a new XCom class that would use the Advent Flame Thrower, If i give credit can i use your assets for it from this mod?
[OG]CombatMedic02  [author] Jun 30 @ 12:11pm 
@You look very wow tonight - I think this is a bug int he game itself? I haven't come across anyone that has been able to help me fix this, I'm not sure what exactly is causing it. I'll devote some more time to it when I have some to spare, but I'm unsure if this can be fixed. Sorry. :/
You look very wow tonight. Jun 30 @ 10:56am 
At the last tier upgrade, it's making soldiers appear with the flame thrower rather than their class weapon, so at the beginning of each mission I have to disequipt the flamethrower. This could also cause problems if the Avenger is shot down, where I'll have to go and edit every single soldier before the mission starts to prevent everyone but my squad from just running in with a flamethrower when reinforcing. Hope you can fix it!