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Exposed Armor HD - Released 2020!
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Aug 24, 2017 @ 8:29pm
Oct 12 @ 12:40am
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Exposed Armor HD - Released 2020!

The following mod modifies and exposes all armors in the game except for Hyrkarian heavy, and ANY DLC armors. The mod was intended for some personal server experience in aims to make female characters appealing. Also known as sexy armors or Skimpy armors. (But it fully removes bra and pants or sometimes make it transparent or short)

We decided to share the release, however we intend to maintain the mod as we see fit; there remains some minor issues from our experiences, but feel free to comment some of the glaring issues you might find and give ideas for the upcoming armors.

MOD ID: 1119474638

Known Issues:

- Darfari Set and Set priest set contains a significant gap between the lower and upper bodies. Additionally, the accessories around the waist are terribly skinned.
- Minor clipping, especially due to recreated cloth physics overall in some of the armors.
- Dyeing Relic Hunter Armor might sometimes result in crash.
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Doc Holliday Nov 9 @ 6:05pm 
is this been updated for the latest Conan update/patch?
Bredthulu Nov 3 @ 11:50am 
is it possible you could do DLC armors?
Cyberus Oct 29 @ 8:38pm 
@Hel & Shana, would either of you be interested in a commissioned version of this mod ($100+ USD negotiable), which would involve converting these armors into custom assets with a single 0-point feat necessary to craft these armors in the new workbenches?
Cyberus Oct 24 @ 8:21pm 
Thanks for updating! All my females went prude when you left and started organizing feminist rallies. It was a rough few weeks. :P
LION~FANG Oct 16 @ 7:18am 
thanks for updating
Fighter Oct 14 @ 1:04am 
@Marty Shephard these are 2 different mods... and yes dyeing relic hunter chest armor results into a crash (only for you though, server will still be fine and go on) if you play singleplayer you will crash to desktop if dye relic hunter chest.
Marty Shephard Oct 13 @ 7:47pm 
"- Dyeing Relic Hunter Armor might sometimes result in crash."

How do you mean? The game really crashes to the desktop?
Marty Shephard Oct 13 @ 7:44pm 
I'm getting really confused about this now. There is Skimpy Armor's (Exposed HD, Filename: SkimpysArmor.pak) this and Skimp's Armor 2018. Is this an update from Skimpys Armor 2018 (Filename: Skimpyt.pak).
A few screenshots in the product description wouldn't be bad :)
Sibirientiger Oct 13 @ 7:21am 
Thanks for Updating, with these mod conan looks much nicer