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Stop Motion Helper
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Dec 6, 2012 @ 9:01am
Aug 17, 2015 @ 3:52am
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Stop Motion Helper

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Version 2 is released! It's a complete remake of the tool.

What is it?
Stop Motion Helper is a tool that is designed to help with making stop motion animations in Garry's Mod. It can save the state of ragdolls and props into frames and animate between them.

Why should I use it?
There are many reasons.
- You can make linear transitions between two positions, and also ease them in and out
- You can store ragdoll and prop positions into frames, so you don't have to make screenshots right away
- You can save all of your recorded frames, so you can come back to your project, change things, and render it again
- You can use it in any ragdoll posing situation to store different poses of your ragdolls

What's new in version 2?
- Frames are now stored seperately for each entity, so they are not locked to all entities
- Frames are positioned in a timeline, very similar to 3D animation programs, which makes frame manipulation much more easier and fluid
- There's a save/load system that works
- The tool is much more stable now

How do I download it?
Just press that subscribe button up there and play gmod.

How do I use it?
Follow the tutorial[].
Note that the video tutorial above might not include all of SMH's features.

Q: Why can't I select more than one entity?
A: In the new version, entities are selected for editing their frames. All entities that have any recorded frames are animated automatically, when the playhead is moved or when smh_playback command is used. So if you select one entity, record frames, select another, record frames, both of these entities will be animated.

Q: SMH isn't playing facial animations?
A: If you have the faceposer tool open, it will override any facial changes made when you move between frames with SMH, so you need to unequip the faceposer tool to see the changes.

Q: Command x doesn't work, and I'm getting x error
A: First, make sure the command you use is correct. Most often you may forget the + sign in front of some commands. Check the tutorial to make sure you are typing the commands correctly.
Also, SMH has only been tested on sandbox mode, and most likely doesn't work on other gamemodes. So if you are getting errors and you are not in sandbox mode, disable the addon. Otherwise, leave a comment below including the error you are getting.

Q: I can't understand the tutorial
A: I know my tutorial making skills are not that good, but if you have some patience to fiddle around with the tool, you get the hang of it and understand it better. There is also a video tutorial available, which can clear things up better.

Q: I don't like it, bring back the old version
A: I'm going to be bold about this; no, I won't revert back to the old version. I won't upload it as another workshop item. Why? Because I have gotten very positive feedback about this from people who did understand my horribly written tutorial and words, and I myself believe this version is much better, more flexible and more stable than the old version.

Bug reporting and links
Report any issues in the comments. I may not be responding much, but I do read them frequently.

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Cryotheum 10 hours ago 
@SpaceD54 I assume all the animation files are saved in your Garry's Mod/garrysmod/data/ folder, find them and delete them from there.
• Pip • Jul 20 @ 6:07am 
i cant find the tool or even SMH in the tools bar! please help
SpaceD54 Jul 18 @ 9:53pm 
like when i don't need them anymore.
SpaceD54 Jul 18 @ 9:53pm 
How do i delete the saved animations?
TheLuigiCyclone Jul 16 @ 9:17am 
the bind command isn't working
Brother of Cramp Jul 14 @ 7:43am 
Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!Failed to synchronize; BiValue container not found!

Pls help!
LinkShire Jul 13 @ 10:04pm 
@Slippy You have to bind a key to +smh(underscore)playback | My underscore key is broken and the alt method doesn't work on the steam browser.
Slippy Jul 13 @ 7:31pm 
I made an animation, but how do I play it? I'm tired of just scrolling with my cursor to "play" it.
JediEdi1 Jul 2 @ 2:59am 
Guess it's pretty useless to report bugs since the creator hasn't been responding to any of these.
dj mario core Jul 1 @ 8:18am 
um hi im dj mickey mouse thiers a propbleom iv been undownloading it and downloading it wont show me the tools could u pls help me with this please and thank u