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FIRE Mod 2017
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Aug 23, 2017 @ 11:35am
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FIRE Mod 2017


From the makers of the most subbed ICE MOD: the brand new FIRE mod features Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3, DTM, ADAC GT Masters GT3, Le Mans Prototype 1 and Le Mans Prototype 2. Most popular workshop mod which takes your Motorsport Manager to the most realistic level!

FIRE Mod allows players to recreate real life racing in seven different racing series starting with the drivers and team line-ups of the 2017 season.

Series included:
Formula 1, Formula 2, Formula 3 in Open Wheel category,
DTM and GT Masters in GT category, (GT DLC needed)
Le Mans Prototype 1 and LMP2 in Endurance category. (Endurance DLC needed)


Base features:
- 637 real sponsors and sponsor system overhaul (over 1900 different sponsor offers)
- 510 drivers completly made from scratch, complete new balance system
- custom videos for all teams/series (will be repaired soon, the newest patch fixes them)
- 64 real Teams, Teamcolours, HQs, Chairmen and Principals (Portraits for Chairmen and F1 Principals only)
- 12 +4 3D models
- 7 different championships (complete rules overhaul, races, pointsystem...)
- real journalists and media outlets
- new part suppliers, 10 engines to choose from in F1 for example
- a set of rules that can be choosed from in the mods additional files folder
- the possibility to choose your own team's car on DTM/GT Masters in the mods additional files folder
- new traits that have a big impact on driver improveability, cut drivers potential, will be different on every career start to make each career of all players different.
Features that effect „long races“:
- rebalanced tyre behaviour (heating, reliability)
- increased repair times in races
- changed the importance of driver form from series to series
- changed the importance of car parts from series to series
- all in all better balancing than „short“ or „medium“ race length

--Important notes before playing---

The 3-Stage-Qualifying Rule has been disabled due to a vanilla bug that can corrupt your savegame.
If you want to have it nevertheless, find it in the additional files ruleset "Real-Spec-Rules Promotions ON/OFF"

Do not attempt to play the tutorial with this mod.

This mod will only work in careers, not single races. Savegames from other mods/vanilla may not work as intended.
Savegames from FIRE Pre - Endurance DLC will work, if you have problems with AI liveries get the liveryfix from the discord.

Best balancing results are given using "Long Races".

Do not have other mods or assets running while attempting to play the mod. We are not responsible for other assets or mods and activating them might break the mod.

All drivers/staff have a 5 star potential. The improvement rate has been lowered a lot, that means, if a driver can really reach 5 stars in his career is based on training, HQ, management skills, new traits (with a low chance, young drivers can be invited to driving Academies now, potential superstars can be made there, for a full list of new traits see the mod discussions)
The price money has been lowered a lot, Chassis prices are increased. Even if it looks like you make „enough“ money, take your first season in the mod as an orientation.
The drivers salary for existing contracts recreates real life salaries, that will change drastically when negotiating new contracts.
The way liveries are interacting with car models has been completly changed.
Instead of projections there are UV Coordinates used now. That means the cars in the race will look as perfect as in the menu. That’s a big difference to vanilla.
Choose only liveries from the „workshop“ tab and cycle through them to find fitting liveries for your car:
Liveries 1-30 are used by F1-F2-F3
Liveries 31-37 are used by DTM
Liveries 38-40/60+ are used by GT
Liveries 41-47/60+ are used by Extra GT (Ferrari,Mclaren,Nissan,Porsche)
Liveries 48-xx are used by LMP1/2

---Additional Files---

Before you start a career, you may have a look into the folder “ALTERNATIVE FIRE FILES” in the mods folder
\steamapps\workshop\content\415200\1118440753\ALTERNATIVE FIRE FILES
There you will find five different rule sets to choose from and a readme.txt which you should read.
Also, there are all cars from which you can choose from in your GT Career with Create-Your-Own-Team. Please also check the readme.txt inside of that folder which you should read.
The zoom mod is available on the #read_me channel on the discord.


The FIRE Mod has been tested and there are no game-breaking bugs or issues.
If you have trouble getting it to work please try the following things:

Please verify your gamefiles via Steam, try restarting motorsport manager/steam, see if the mod downloads in steam, if not try to sub again. Restarting your pc helped in a lot of cases.

If you have more problems and care about getting it solved, make a *detailed* report on the discord. We can't help you if you comment here.

If you have the phenomenon of standard team liveries looking wrong, drivernames not loading etc, disable all other mods and assets. ALL assets, additional liveries won't work with this mod as well, all liveries are specially made for the models in this mod.

Is this mod compatible to Mac/Linux? Sadly the models are not, and we can’t find out why they are all black. Please delete them from your modding folder if you want to play the mod – but then don’t expect liveries to work properly.


Visit the discord to find us working on stuff, if you want to discuss, ask questions, additional trouble shooting and bug reports (bug reports via comments are not sufficient if you want it solved):


Thanks to Aurélien (helping with models)
Thanks to Matthieu (helping with team descriptions and researching)
Thanks to Michael (helping with portraits and new skins)
Thanks to Shaun (helping with sponsor logos)

And thank you, Falko, for being a real brother in arms and going through all the problems and issues we had creating this mod and the countless hours of painting liveries, doing logos, getting models to work and what not.

Do not ask for manual installers, the mod will only work with the original game bought on steam.

If you want to support us visit