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Party of Six
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Aug 17, 2017 @ 1:38am
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Party of Six

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Getting Started:

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A Quick Overview:

Party of Six is a mod that gives you six unique classes, each with its own special abilities and craftable items. These classes are very much in the classic RPG mold:

There are six basic jobs available to everyone from level 1 - Arcanist, Brawler, Controller, Defender, Hunter, and Mender. Each job has its own set of magical abilities; a set that expands as the player levels up.

In addition to filling a niche on the battlefield, each job also has craftable items unique to its class. These items can be shared, but to get them all, you'll need at least a group of six!

What would an adventure be without treasure? Whenever players kill a creature, there's a chance that special treasure chests may drop as the beast is vanquished. These chests increase in rarity as players level up, and they may contain special weapons, rare resources, or pieces of item sets, that - when combined - grant powerful synergy bonuses!

One special feature of Party of Six is the ability for players to craft and undergo Quests. When a player crafts and uses a quest, that player and any nearby allies are given an objective - something to go do - and a time limit to complete it in. If the players manage to complete that quest, not only will they get a hefty chunk of experience, but they'll be rewarded with special quest-only items!

Once players hit level 75, players are able to take Mastery jobs. The type of Masteries available depend on the player's basic job, and each Mastery grants special bonuses that empower those base jobs. Additionally, each Mastery has its own special weapon and special magical abilities available to it.
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Open Source?
Sapherno11 Sep 10, 2023 @ 10:48am 
@Meddina I did attempt to change the kill health floor, but still getting almost NO chests whatsoever to drop, from high level to low. Only way seems to be the Wizardodo quest.
Meddina Jul 17, 2023 @ 6:05pm 
No, that's partly why I want them to open up the mod for us to update it.
Meddina Jul 17, 2023 @ 6:04pm 
You can go to the GameUserSettings.ini files and create a section at the bottom that looks like this.
Meddina Jul 17, 2023 @ 6:01pm 

I wish that you would come back and either open up the mod or allow us shut off the awful glow from the Mastery Totem. <3
Meddina Jul 17, 2023 @ 6:00pm 
@Sapherno11, it's likely due to the HP floor for the loot not dropping. I believe the base value is 1k HP.
Sapherno11 Jul 16, 2023 @ 12:08pm 
Dino's no longer seem to give loot when killed, not sure why, anyone know what's going on?
laurasansil2 Jul 8, 2023 @ 11:23pm 
There is any way to change the stamina cost of skills?
LittlePet Jul 3, 2023 @ 2:10pm 
So, we are using the party of 6 mod on our privet server. I have only seen this happen 2 times. But there have been random chests with a red glow like the mastery totem, on the ground I have seen at night. WHAT are those called. And is it always spawning a chest at night????:winter2019surprisedyul:
Liz115Gamer Apr 15, 2023 @ 1:30pm 
Is there any way to prevent dinos drop chests?
sully7758 Mar 22, 2023 @ 5:36pm 
damn wish this was worked on still, i love the mod and have been trying out different jobs and so far hunter is my favorite and i wana use mender on my extinction journey but it doesnt heal my creatures so its kinda sad.