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Mechanoids Extraordinaire
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Aug 10, 2017 @ 4:30pm
Oct 11 @ 1:54pm
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Mechanoids Extraordinaire

Version: 1.3.1

Ever thought having only 2 types of mechanoids was kinda... on the boring side?
Ever wanted a purely melee-attacking mechanoid?
Or maybe a mechanoid that would blow up your base and everyone you love with a freaking grenade launcher?
If you have answered "yes" to at least one of those questions, this mod may or may not be for you!

- 5 new types of mechanoids that will be appearing in raids/poison + psychic ship parts/ancient dangers:
- Vespa: a quick, frail mechanoid capable of using cover,
- Goliath: melee-only, somewhat tanky mechanoid that explodes upon dying,
- Hound: a mechanoid equipped with a set of power claws as well as a brand new grenade launcher,
- Kraken: a huge mechanoid with high HP, that has a chance to be spawned with any of the weapons the mechanoids are using,
- Chimera: a mechanoid that was put together from scraps of the other types, equipped with a built-in inferno cannon, as well as a scyther blade.

- 1 new artificial body part, the mecha-tentacle, that can be obtained by deconstructing a kraken type mechanoid.

English, Polish, French, Brazilian Portuguese.

NorX Aengell - French translation,
Felguja - Brazilian Portuguese translation.

Ludeon forums thread:

10.10.2020 - Update #6:
- the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.2 (courtesy of CancelTherapy!).
26.03.2020 - Update #5:
- added a Brazilian Portuguese translation (courtesy of Felguja!).
22.03.2020 - Update #4:
- the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.1.
03.11.2018 - Update #3:
- the mod is now compatible with Rimworld 1.0,
- since it is no longer possible to harvest body parts from downed mechanoids (because they can't be downed without being killed), the mecha-tentacle is now obtained by deconstructing dead krakens.

19.12.2017 - Update #2:
- the mod is now compatible with Rimworld Beta 18,
- reduced the range of the grenade launcher.

20.08.2017 - Update #1:
- the grenade launcher now does 2/3 of the damage it used to do,
- mechanoids no longer bleed from their heads,
- fixed problems with installing the mecha-tentacles on colonists,
- added a French translation (courtesy of NorX Aengell!)


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Jul 7, 2018 @ 10:17am
Two Yellow Warnings regarding body parts
May 4 @ 11:26am
Anyone else getting red text from this mod on game start?
Lord Maelstrom
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Spino  [author] Oct 11 @ 1:59pm 
Thanks for pointing that out, I just removed it and updated the mod again. I Don't even remember why I put it there in the first place, to be frank.
Ryflamer Oct 10 @ 4:30pm 
@Spino The slight potential error is still present that causes the vanilla flesh surgery to be overwritten. If you wanted to yoink my code for it feel free to off my 1.2 version, which I'll be removing on the workshop next time I get a chance to, now that this is updated.
Spino  [author] Oct 10 @ 11:20am 
Small update to 1.2, courtesy of CancelTherapy over on Ludeon forums.

Someone's actually already sent me their own update last month, I was just too busy with irl stuff and kept forgetting to test it out, sorry.

Lemme know if there are any more errors.
Ryflamer Sep 30 @ 2:58pm 
Updated the mod for 1.2 here so that it'd no longer throw the double vespa red error.
Will remove on request of Spino, who's more than welcome to use my update for whenever/if he chooses to update.
eg7560251 Sep 25 @ 2:14pm 
Save compatible?
calamity mod siren Sep 21 @ 10:11pm 
The mod works well in 1.2, however the chances of getting vanilla or Alpha Animal mechanoids during raids or ship events are incredibly rare
Thetaprime Sep 7 @ 2:12pm 
No word on 1.2?
Frying_Dutchman Aug 18 @ 11:55am 
can you make the goliath tougher? it is too weak
Thewonderslug Aug 16 @ 9:44am 
1.2 pretty please :steamhappy:
test Aug 12 @ 11:42pm