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Suits and Robbers
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Nov 25, 2012 @ 4:41pm
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Suits and Robbers

This is an update for the Suit Pack 2012, Now on the Workshop!

What is the SUIT PACK 2012, you might ask? Well, my friend, it is this:

> 9 males!
> 7 models per male! (closed jacket, closed jacket with trenchcoat (and optional gloves) open jacket, open jacket w/ ties, open jacket with waistcoats, shirts, shirts w/ ties)
> 1 robber!
> four different variants of robber! (opened collar, tie, tie tucked into vest and shirts)
> shirt bodies have bodygroups for sleeves and collars! (collars on tieless only)
> 16 suit/shirt skins!
> 22 ties!!!!
> taggart brand sexy posing physics (please note: may be too floppy for your tastes. deal with it.)

KNOWN ERRORS (i.e. you don't need to tell me about them, and I will fix these up when I can):

- Minor clipping on all three shirt sleeve variants. Still needs some finetuning which I'll do soon. Until then I guess you'll just have to do a little visual trickery to hide it, or something. Also a little on the robbers. Might fix eventually.
- Some clipping with certain heads around the neck area. Not much I can do about this without changing from universal body bodygroups to per-head body bodygroups.

If you spot any errors not listed here, do tell me.


Taggart - Model hacking, model porting (most of the shirt bits), qc editing, creation of multiple suit skins, creation of pretty much all of the shirt skins, etc
simkas - Porting (suit bits, remainder of shirt bits), texture setup for old suits, etc
Lt_Commander - Texture work
Bloocobalt - Enhanced citizen phymodels and facial flexes and ♥♥♥♥
Dean - Trenchcoat model and texture editing and rigging
DP Films - Glove textures
IO Interactive - Original suit/shirt bits, textures, Kane and Lynch, etc
DICE - Waistcoat model (it is from Miller in Mirror's Edge, re-uved to the suit sheet)
Valve - Original arms (Ellis), heads, etc
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