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SWEP Construction Kit
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Nov 23, 2012 @ 7:13am
Jul 21, 2015 @ 6:06am
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SWEP Construction Kit

DEVELOPER tool (for EXPERIENCED SWEP scripters) to create more diverse SWEP designs for gamemodes and such without needing completely new models. This tool can be used to create weapon designs for viewmodels and worldmodels, as well as to finetune ironsights.

It's listed under Weapons / Other.

I made a user guide for the tool right here:

If you want to contribute to the official tool you can send pull requests to my Github project:

If you find any bugs, report them in the comments below. :)
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doopboredle Aug 29 @ 12:31pm 
I can't seem to use just the Z axis on sizing things in view model for whatever reason. kind of a major flaw
The Offensive Lemon Jul 7 @ 7:43pm 
Time to make me some Orky gunz...
BackupYAHmax Jun 23 @ 10:22am 
so basically...
level 10
✠Demerick✠ Jun 23 @ 9:37am 
@BackupYAHmax i really don't know how to answer that question, i do know is that you might have to be an amateur at coding .luas or something, i am sorry i don't know how to answer you, maybe you should take some coding practices and then you'll be good at it.
Uncovered_Jager Jun 15 @ 11:33am 
Is it possible to make a simpler version of this? I just want to make an SMG shoot a shotgun shell as it's secondary fire :(
no u May 22 @ 7:17am 
BackupYAHmax May 18 @ 8:17am 
now, this is cool and all, but before i download this:
on a level of 1 to 10 how experienced in scripting and shit do i need to be
1 - sub-brick
2 - yandere dev
3 - "yall ever heard of scratch?"
4 - wearer of 'eat, sleep, code, repeat' shirt
5 - roblox scripter
6 - minecraft modder
7 - knower of things that do things to make things
8 - cyber terrorist
9 - glados
10 - "i am a hack you if you reprot me to mod"
blue bloods Apr 5 @ 6:26pm 
Ok so the box where you edit your weapon in the "Weapon" section it blocks the area where you can move your weapon (not the hands) how do you resize the box?