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SWEP Construction Kit
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Nov 23, 2012 @ 7:13am
Jul 21, 2015 @ 6:06am
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SWEP Construction Kit

DEVELOPER tool (for EXPERIENCED SWEP scripters) to create more diverse SWEP designs for gamemodes and such without needing completely new models. This tool can be used to create weapon designs for viewmodels and worldmodels, as well as to finetune ironsights.

It's listed under Weapons / Other.

I made a user guide for the tool right here:

If you want to tweak the official tool you can fork my Github project:

If you find any bugs, well, support ended years ago. Have fun!
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Best thing when you can't make view and word models.
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How do I put customizable sounds?
Thiago Mar 2 @ 6:03pm 
no, its not a virus, i had this mod installed and it never changed my gmod in any way, its probably another mod you have
FoxyBobBoy Feb 20 @ 2:16pm 
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lobotom uh dude its to make weapon models not actual weapons with scripts
Boykisser Nov 13, 2023 @ 8:20pm 
promasterpice22 Nov 4, 2023 @ 11:08am 
Just look up a tutorial on "how to create a SWEP" this dosent actually like make the code for u, u have to do that urself this just aids you if you dont know how to create view models, and world models
promasterpice22 Nov 4, 2023 @ 11:01am 
where is that script thing that got saved?
LOBOTOM Aug 28, 2023 @ 3:21am 
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I cant shoot from it
second of all
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help me to make it shoot!
Nikitaf93 Aug 1, 2023 @ 12:08pm 
how do i set body groups????