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SWEP Construction Kit
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Type: Tool, Addon
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23 nov 2012, ore 7:13
21 lug 2015, ore 6:06
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SWEP Construction Kit

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DEVELOPER tool (for EXPERIENCED SWEP scripters) to create more diverse SWEP designs for gamemodes and such without needing completely new models. This tool can be used to create weapon designs for viewmodels and worldmodels, as well as to finetune ironsights.

It's listed under Weapons / Other.

I made a user guide for the tool right here:

If you want to tweak the official tool you can fork my Github project:

If you find any bugs, well, support ended years ago. Have fun!
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1 feb, ore 9:15
Adding Animation
9 mar 2019, ore 19:44
i found a fix for models not working
24 dic 2018, ore 9:01
Error With Custom Model
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Moretzsohn 4 feb, ore 16:47 
how can i make a particle appear in v_model and w_model of a swep? i'm using this and it does work and all but it keeps creating infinite particles util it crashes.

function SWEP:Deploy()
self.VElements["binary"].draw_func = function( weapon )
ParticleEffectAttach( "mr_holodisp_1", 0, self, 0 )
Phazon Overlord115 1 feb, ore 11:10 
Oh ok ill use pac3 then
⎠⎝LooiC⎠⎝ 1 feb, ore 11:08 
also I said, it has to be a working SWEP.

If you just build a weapon in SCK. He cant see it. It has to be a working weapon I think.
⎠⎝LooiC⎠⎝ 1 feb, ore 11:07 
Has he placed the files in the same folders as you?
Phazon Overlord115 1 feb, ore 11:02 
He doas have the models and i did do both world and view models and he only see's the defylt pistol, idk whats wrong and no i only use the tool for roleplaying
⎠⎝LooiC⎠⎝ 1 feb, ore 10:37 
Did you make it into a SWEP, a usable weapon?

If you are just in the SCK tool, he wont see it afaik (as far as I know) it has to be a functional SWEP afaik
⎠⎝LooiC⎠⎝ 1 feb, ore 10:36 
I mean did you build the weapon viewmodel AND world model?
What game mode are u playing in? Is the weapon made out of props or custom models? If so, hee needs the models too.
Phazon Overlord115 1 feb, ore 9:55 
I did creat the world model and my friend cant see it and pac3 is too big for my carpoy laptop
⎠⎝LooiC⎠⎝ 1 feb, ore 9:13 
You have to create the view and world model that you are holding.
If you want to use something that displays props on players, use PAC3.

Phazon Overlord115 1 feb, ore 8:54 
Can you please add a feature that allows other players to see the worls model for roleplaying purposes please? Thank you