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Nov 23, 2012 @ 3:00am
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Zworld-Afterlife© Content

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⚠️ This is not a Gamemode, but Zworld-Afterlife© servers content. (sounds+models+materials)
⚠️ I made Zworld for my community. You're very welcome.
⚠️ You will be able to do something similar and your way with the scripts here: and with a little bit of your creativity.
⚠️ You want a game singleplayer finished go to the shop steam please.
⚠️ Do not re-upload the old versions without my permission. (Work for a version Demo In Progress, but priority for the original project.)
⚠️ Zworld-Afterlife is private. You don't have to ask me for the product of my work. I've been working on this project alone since 2012. Thank you for your understanding.

Zworld Afterlife is Scripted & Created by David (Nordahl).
Music of Zworld Afterlife is Creates and interpreted by David (Nordahl).
Zombies Voice and someone effect sound is Created by David (Nordahl).
100% of the code of Zworld is the result of the creativity of David (Nordahl).
It was necessary to sacrifice several years for this result today.

This is not a public gamemode anymore. (since October 2013, since my own content was returned against me by other coders)
-Why? I had several problems with some peoples in the community trying to broke and/or steal several years of my work or for create lua cheats. Sorry (My choice to remove singleplayer is definitive so question about it will not be answered, don't waste your time about asking it, I dont give my work now.)
If you learned now about the singleplayer, it's needless to complain today. 275 000 subscribers without any support when it is necessary..

More information and stuffs can be found here Forum[] (steam group, forum, website, workshop)

/!\ Be indulgent Zworld is my first project I was not a coder experimented when I started the project. It is not finished and it represents only 10% of my objectives.

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☰ Todo list[]

▬▬▬▬▬Follow to stay informed and to support me▬▬▬▬▬
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☰ Facebook[]
☰ Wiki & tutorial Zmod[]
☰ Zworld Afterlife Original Soundtrack created by Nordahl[]

☰ Best Survivor ranking[]

Zworld Afterlife is 100% Scripted & Created by David(Nordahl).
Music of Zworld Afterlife is 100% created and interpreted by Nordahl.
Zombies Voice and someone effect sound is Created by Nordahl.
100% of the code of Zworld is the result of the creativity of David(Nordahl).
It was necessary to sacrifice several years for this result today.
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help missing model
Random Formosan
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dodotse Dec 10 @ 6:47pm 
whats the revolver from in the first picture?
Nordahl (Zworld-dev)  [author] Nov 9 @ 4:10am 
Hello Dan, It's possible to find alot of my scripts here :
Anthony Leroux Sep 15 @ 9:42am 
Rick Sep 2 @ 10:23am 
ТОп карта
Lilypuce Aug 28 @ 5:47pm 
Problem of installation in home screen? Check the comment on the group here there are the solution :
Lilypuce Aug 28 @ 5:46pm 
C'es très simple pour ceux qui on des problèmes d'instrallation, si vous avez l'addon déjà installé il vous suffit tout simplement de l'activer quelqu'un avait déjà eu ce problème, Nordahl lui a dit de l'activer dans sa liste d'addon et ça a marché pour lui :
2Lt Brandon [5 RIFLES] Aug 27 @ 4:10am 
@alex same here mate, i've installed it 10 times and it still says i don't have it installed.
DWayne Aug 25 @ 5:33am 
Comment s'installe votre scripts
that bwoooy Aug 23 @ 8:54am 
when i try to join the server it says i dont have it installed while i do
Nordahl (Zworld-dev)  [author] Aug 23 @ 5:00am 
Hi I made a nice wiki about it :
I hope you will find all your answer.