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MLV Maps | Malvinas / Falklands [WIP v0.3.5]
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Jul 21, 2017 @ 5:56pm
May 14 @ 8:43pm
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MLV Maps | Malvinas / Falklands [WIP v0.3.5]

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Experimental terrains of the Malvinas Islands

PHASE 1:[/ h1] Two terrains of 80km x 80km

[SC] WEST: Falkland Sound, includes Goose Green, Darwin, Mount Usbourne and Pebble Island.

[PA] EAST: Stanley Port, includes Top Malo House, Monte Longdon, Two Sisters, Tumbledown, Sapper Hill, Fitz Roy, Bluff Cove and Mount Pleasant.
* Download not available

Dimensions: 80km x 80km / Scale 1:1

PHASE 2:[/ h1] Use the height map with corrections of coastline and lakes, satellite textures, mask and normalmap, together with the objects of phase 1 to build smaller terrains of the most important locations of the conflict

IMPORTANT: Currently the land has the satellite, mask and normalmap, Clutter and Surface, Roads, and some rocks, has not yet stringtable, but in the future the respective names of the Cities will be enlarged according to the English or Spanish language.
I am working in the lakes, and carrying the buildings of the OFP mod (courtesy of CBFASI).
The terrains, besides their extension, have real depths (the best satellite information I found), it is perfectly navigable, in fact the main purpose of the terrains is to be able to recreate historical aeronautical and airborne missions.


Modify the extension of your mission folders "san_carlos[/ b]" to "mlv_west[/ b]"

*This is because soon I will add a smaller area exclusively for the San Carlos area


0.0 | Initial Test, Elevation and Satellite Texture
0.1 | Normal Map Correction
0.2 | Clouds Elimination, Coastline Texture Correction, and Textures HD
0.3 | Clutter y Surface
0.4 | Roads and Names
0.5 | Lakes
0.6 | Stones and Trees
0.7 | Airports
0.8 | Buildings Small Towns
0.9 | Buildings Stanley Port
1.0 | General Corrections


# DEM: AlosPalsar (Surface) + Topo15 (Depth)
GlobalMapper (Cut, Height Adjustment, and Layer Fusion / Export DEM 1x81920 in .TIF 16bits for TB and 4x4x20480 in .ASC for L3DT)
L3DT (Generate Normal Map 4x4 / Merge in PS)

# Imagen Satelital: Bing - Zoom=18 (+ Google and Here to erase clouds)
SASPlanet: Download to .ECW format Georeferenced (Projection: Geographic)
Geomatica: To erase clouds (Coming soon)
Photoshop: Mask (Image Mode: Indexed Color / Save .BMP)
GlobalMapper: Cut Tiles (Export in 4x4 tiles .TIF format 32bits uncompressed)

# Terrain Builder
Grid Size: 8192x8192
Cell Size: 10
Terrain Size: 81920

Satellite Size: 40960x40960px
Resolution: 2m/px (Mask 1m/px)

Tiles Size: 512x512px (Mask 1024px)
Desired Overlap: 16px
Teture Layer 80.00x80.00m

SC Map
Cantidad de Objetos: 238.425 (rocks)

PA Map
Cantidad de Objetos: 0

# System:
INTEL I8 8700k + 24gb RAM DDR4
Windows 8.1 64bits

Instituto Geográfico Nacional de la República Argentina
theSinGLoT: Tutorial (Youtube Channel)
snakeman: Separate Data\Layers into Smaller PBOs[]
CBFASI: Flashpoint in the Falklands Mod

Tags: guerra de malvinas, falklands war, conflicto, argentina, sudamerica, america del sur, unasur, mercosur, unsur, heroes del atlantico, mod argentino, argentine, argie, 1982, 2 de abril, operacion rosario, ara general belgrano, faa, fuerza aerea argentina, exocet, isla de los estados, georgias, brazil, brasil, uruguay, chile, peru, colombia, gran malvina, soledad, malouines, british, great britain, united kingdom, england

CDM | Cazadores De Monte | Falklands Campaign Mod


MLV | Project 1982 Mod:

BIS Forums Post:
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Matu Duarte May 28 @ 8:35pm 
Orgulloso de vos querido, increíble trabajo, seguí así
LoRo  [author] May 26 @ 7:02pm 
@chong Take some screenshots for you, so you can see the depth at different points on the map (Z = in the lower left corner of the missions editor)
Chong May 26 @ 2:26pm 
Maybe balance game play with realism? I have not downloaded the map yet I will right now. But Im often frustrated at not being able to use the water in new maps because of a lack of depth.

As long as the bigger ships and subs can navigate the deeper waters (30m +) and smaller craft the inland then I would call it good. Why have water if we cant use it? There is some great mods that utilize water and need larger land mass to deploy things like patriots and such. Either way I will not complain and will enjoy your map just wanted to ask if it was possible.
LoRo  [author] May 26 @ 12:03pm 
@chong Where do you want to navigate exactly with submarines? the map has real depths according to satellite information, in fact you will not be able to navigate with certain boats if your draft is very large, for example to approach goose green from the northwest can not do it your boat exceeds 6 or 7 meters draught:
Chong May 25 @ 1:49pm 
Make water deep enough for sub mods please if you havent already. :)
Diveyez Dec 29, 2018 @ 8:35am 
maze Dec 17, 2018 @ 10:13am 
I had no idea the Falklands were THAT huge... Although there is not much in terms of surface features, I just spent 2 hours exploring the map by plane. Although I didn't test it, this is probably one of the best maps for Air-to-Air engagements.
Warkid Dec 7, 2018 @ 12:43pm 
Legend, keep it up, cant wait to see the finished result.
[ExAr] Moschito Nov 23, 2018 @ 1:15pm 
please keep it up!
TURCO_AR Nov 16, 2018 @ 7:08pm 
Se agradece el esfuerzo y el progreso. Excelente trabajo. Sigan asi.