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Simple Official Wiki:


Unofficial Combat Extended compatibility patch by Bloody Spy!:

Version: 1.3.1


06.04.2018 - Update #4:
- there is a simple official megafauna wiki now: http://megafaunarimworld.wikia.com
- actually made all the animals less rare - turns out that the last time I made the spawn chances about 5-8 times lower than I intended, oops,
- minor changes to some of the animals' stats,
- woolly mammoth's name is no longer misspelled.

20.12.2017 - Update #3:
- updated to be compatible with Rimworld Beta 18,
- no longer requires an additional patch to be compatible with A Dog Said..., it will now automatically detect it and patch all the necessary stuff in,
- also comes with a built-in patch for Giddy-up! (anyone feeling like riding a giant snake into battle?),
- daeodon, titanis, titanoboa, smilodon, procoptodon, gomphotaria, short-faced bear, and dinocrocuta are no longer pack animals (can't be used to carry stuff in caravans),
- very minor tweaks to a few animals in regards to their body size and meat/leather yield,
- some of the animals can now spawn in the new swamp-type biomes (titanoboa's no longer exclusive to the tropical rainforest!),
- some of the older animals such as arthropleura and doedicurus now have their own body types instead of using unfitting vanilla ones,
- some of the older animals won't be sold by traders anymore, in order to make obtaining them feel more special, those being: paraceratherium, titanoboa, elasmotherium, megalania, gomphotaria, and short-faced bear.
- added 4 more animals.

22.08.2017 - Update #2:
- fixed problems with breeding arthropleura (hopefully...?),
- reduced meat/leather yield of almost all the animals,
- finally added the max body sizes of prey the predators will hunt,
- slight changes as to what biomes the animals can spawn in,
- changed entelodont's name to daeodon as it is more specific and therefore more fitting.
- added 5 more animals.

01.08.2017 - Update #1:
- dropped support for A Dog Said... Easy Patcher (now requires a separate compatibility patch for A Dog Said..., which adds the feature of healing old wounds on animals)
- reduced spawn rates of the creatures,
- reduced meat/leather yield of paraceratherium/titanoboa,
- slightly reduced size of giganthopithecus/titanoboa,
- fixed problems with selling items to traders,
- fixed some herbivores not being able to eat live plants,
- removed unfertilized eggs of arthropleura/titanis/titanoboa,
- increased size of baby animals,
- increased market value of the mammoth wool,
- all the leathers now have different stats as well as market value,
- added 6 more animals.



Thanks to the wonders of today's technology, the small group of scientists that was previously known for bringing the Megatherium--
Uh, I mean, the Megasloth back to life, was able to make the Megafauna Project a reality!
This time around, they were able to recreate 23 different species of animals that used to inhabit planet Earth thousands to millions years ago.
...Was that a wise move? Who cares! Now we can all feast our eyes on those glorious beasts as they will slowly inevitably turn all the ecosystems we know upside-down!


23 new species of animals, all able to spawn naturally in different biomes:
- Arthropleura,
- Doedicurus,
- Daeodon,
- Gigantopithecus,
- Paraceratherium,
- Titanis,
- Titanoboa,
- Wooly Mammoth,
- Elasmotherium,
- Smilodon,
- Chalicotherium,
- Megaloceros,
- Procoptodon,
- Megalania,
- Gomphotaria,
- Diprotodon,
- Short-faced Bear,
- Dinocrocuta,
- Sivatherium,
- Andrewsarchus,
- Dinornis,
- Macrauchenia,
- Quinkana.

These animals are quite rare, and should be a good challenge to either tame or slay.
A lot of them can also be used as a part of a caravan (with paraceratherium being your new best caravan buddy!).
Wooly mammoth and elasmotherium are shearable, and arthropleura, titanis, titanoboa, megalania, dinornis, quinkana do lay eggs. Sivatherium and macrauchenia are milkable - sivatherium's milk is very nutritious and quite valuable!

Megafauna will automatically detect and patch both A Dog Said... by SpoonShortage (so you can cure old wounds of your animals and install bionic parts on them) and Giddy-up! by Roolo (which means that you can ride your animals!), so make sure to make it load after those mods.

Available languages:

English, Polish,



Roolo - for great help with making Megafauna compatible with his Giddy-up mod.
Nightinggale - for his immensely useful ModCheck.


If you like my mods and would like to support me, please consider buying me a coffee :]
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