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After the success of Family Guy, Bob's Burgers, American Dad, Futurama, and King of the Hill it was hard not to make a universe where all of them can come together and fight to the death battle royale style.

This game features an abundance of new items such as: drugs, costumes, weapons etc. As well as some of the classic characters any gamer would recognize like: Stan Smith, Dale Gribble, and every gamer's personal favorite Peter Griffin himself, the man the myth the legend. All coming together in a perfect blend to make some wacky zanny cards that are sure to make you LOL hahaha.

This card game is so innovative it has inspired its own many spin offs including some popular games like: Hearthstone, Artifact, and Cartoon Network the Card Game. In a lot of these spin offs we have seen characters with different designs but having massive similarities when it comes to their play styles and combat behaviors. But Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards is a breath of fresh air in a genre that has disappointed gamers time after time by offering characters which each have a very versatile play style, offering you the opportunity to learn the combos of every character and giving you a brand new experience every time you select a new card.

In conclusion I would rate this game a Peter Griffin / 10 (my highest rating I've ever given)

Rating (out of 10) -

Graphics: 10 so simplistic but yet so enticing

Music: 10 encapturing a nostalgic feel while still incorporating all of the shows into one

Cinematics: 10 movements are so fluid and easy on the eyes

Story: 10 each chapter will have you begging for more

Content: 10 replay value infinite with the knowledge that someone spent 500$ so they cant lose arena battles

Controls: 10 simple point and click

Gameplay: 10 balanced just as all things should be

Any REAL gamer would have this game in their steam inventory but if you don't have it I would highly recommend picking this game up for yourself for Free.
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+rep deedballs:FastCockroach:
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minus rep, didnt let Jadwiga drop that dun-dun-duh
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