I'm just a black latex furry. Who always read 20 books a day and. I have a girlfriend his name is Collin. And my brother die 10 years ago. I always remember him. It make me cry sometimes. And... make me always happy everytime i see him in my picture.

And... sometimes is make me sad when i see my brother in my picture.

Alright is question time

Q: Are you a furry
A: Yes

Q: Are you a f2p
A: Well yes

Q:Do you have a girlfriend
A: Yes of course

Q:Where you from
A: Japan

Q:Can we kill you
A:Nah. i'm a unkillable monster

Q:Is billy a furry
A: Yes why not

If you notice i'm level zero because i don't like steam guard because is gay

Also i forgot my email password so that why i can't turn on steam guard

Also you are cute if you reading this UwU
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Jakethegr8 Aug 18 @ 9:17pm 
You make me wanna ♥♥♥ in a pillow and never clean it for months
StarTron Jul 18 @ 12:28am 
Purlickal UwU
Rjen Jun 1 @ 7:21pm 
I ship it
Sherbet Oct 18, 2018 @ 1:36am 
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