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Ready to suck this futa <3

"You know, as we come to the end of this phase of our life,
we find ourselves trying to remember the good times
and trying to forget the bad times,
and we find ourselves thinking about the future.
We start to worry , thinking, “What am I gonna do?
Where am I gonna be in ten years?”
But I say to you, “Hey, look at me!”
Please, don’t worry so much.
Because in the end, none of us have very long on this Earth.
Life is fleeting.
And if you’re ever distressed, cast your eyes to the summer sky
when the stars are strung across the velvety night.
And when a shooting star streaks through the blackness, turning night into day…
make a wish and think of me.
Make your life spectacular.
I know I did."

- Robin Williams
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Owner of Slootie Derps
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[*] Have a high level on steam (not hiest oh god no)
[*] Be decent at gaming XD
[*] have a colection of some sorts
[*] Have a great time with players and friend i make
[*] Make a name for my self


Online: Either on youtube or twitter

Busy: eating, resting, at school or moving things

Away: resting, at school or just taking a brek

In-Game: Im a casual player who sometimes takes the game seriously but im just goofy or derping around

Social Media

My Twitter

My Youtube

All about me

I main Pyro and Soldier

I'm a brony

I also trade, though don't add me just for trading unless I'm offering items.

Movies: Comedy, Action, Animated

Music: Techno, Old School Rap, Smooth Jazz, Noar Music, Rock, Soft Metal, Classical, Orchestra, Video Game OST

Favorate Musicians: Voltaire, Tez Cadey, Guns n' Roses, Rollin' Stones, Ken Ashcorp, Eminem, and Caravan Palace

Food: Pasta, Sushi, Tiwan, Mexican, Cuban, and Chinese

Main 1: Eliza
Main 2: Big Band
Main 3: Peacock
Dream Unusuals
Dream Unusal 1: Blizzardy Storm Crones Dome

Dream Unusal 2: Death by Dawn or Morning Glory Crones Dome

Deam Hat: Hat of Undniable Wealth and Respect

Q: Why do you always have something lewd as your profile pic?!
A: Why not? >:)

Q: Why are you a Brony?
A: Long story short, the show caught my attention.

Q: Do you like Pizza?!
A: Yeah!

Q: Favorate food?

Q: Do you watch anime?
A: yes.

Q: Do you play any other games?
A: I play FPS, platformers, puzzle games, mystery games, fighting games, MMOs, horror games, and (J)RPGS

My Stand

Stand Name: Elegy

Stand Ability: [Boundless Inner World] (

Power - B

Speed - A

Range - A

Durability - A

Precision - B

Potential - D

Description: The ability to possess a sentient inner world of limitless knowledge and power. Combination of Encyclopedic Knowledge, Inner World Creation, Spiritual Symbiosis and Absolute Wish. Not to be confused with Boundless World Creation. User possesses a personal, infinite dimension within themselves in which dwells limitless knowledge and power; usually personified by an inner alter ego. As an extension of the user's soul, this being is completely and irrevocably bound to the user


❤Favorite slooties to possess ❤

Joys - She can pack a punch, but when you suck from her heavenly tits, her milky is so creamy and rich! The sloot loves it when you hold them down and shove your big, long cock down their throat so they can just suck your juicy cock~

Shantae - T H I C C in all the right places a slooty should be~

Pinkie - If you give her sugar, she'll make sure to reward like a dirty sloot~

Marina - With her dark skin, curvy body, and nice hips she's just built to be a good slootie~

Rosalina - Her having massive tits to play with and her looking sexy when getting banged makes
her a lovely sloot~

Cyinthia - With her thicc thighs and busty tits, she's a perfect sloot~

Peach - She's really desperate for attention when she's away from Mario, the horny sloot~

Wii Fit Trainer - With her being flexible, she can go from pussy to mouth quick~

Isabelle - Gives a good time to the mayor when she's under the desk, that lil' sloot~

Samus - She's a very busty sloot thats really tall, the perfect size for a fuck sloot~

Derpy Hooves - Her eyes bounce around while she's getting banged behind a tree and she also makes cute slooty noises~

Shybomb - She has dark skin and knows how a sloot should please a man~

Peridot - Her size lets her be filled quickly and is a sloot who knows how to deep throat~

Garnet - She's strong as hell in bed and her slooty lips are perfect for sucking my cock~

Fem Deathclaw - Big and thicc and they know how to be good sloots and pleasure someone with their long tongues~ - She has a tight ass that can pleasure anybody like a sloot would~

Squid Sisters - Those sloots use their tentacles for more than just sticking to things~

Hex Maniac - Thicc in the right places and uses her tongue in the right places to make anybody cum in her slooty mouth~

Lapis - Her thicc hips and roomy mouth makes her a great sloot in bed~

anthro cows - Thicc hips, delicious creamy milk, and mooing like sloots when you fuck them~

Midna - Her size makes her able to get from mouth to pussy easy, she can just sloot herself up that quick~

Blue: Sure she leave blue paw prins around but wen she succs she looks so cut that I can`t get mad and just cum in her throat

Android 18 and 21: I've reprogrammed those sloots a bit, now that majin and that girl are gonna serve me like a proper sloots!~

FemmePyro: She can't talk with the mask on, and she can't talk whenever she's gagging on my throbbing dick like a good sloot~

Futa Shark: She thought she could dom me, silly sloot, now she knows her place~

Gardevior - Her Mega Evolution turns her into a total sloot, her hips, ass, and tits increase size~

Mercy - Her healing stream lets her fuck all day like a sloot should~

Mei - E X T R A T H I C C S L O O T B O D Y ~

FemBastion - Her charging hole is more than just a place for a plug, the sloot loves a cock in

Orisa - She loves feeling a stud fill up her slooty charging port with hot cum~

Tayna Bandicoot- Her thicc tits, hips, and ass make for a great sloot and her lips taste so good~

Coco Bandicoot - An easy-to-fill sloot that can be filled with hot cum for days with just one session~

Namine: Oh, she was a submissive sloot from the start, so easy to make her mine~

Xion: That sloot wanted more than anything to be mine, well, now she's more a sloot than a fighter~

An Orca: I wanted that cute orca so bad... I just had to make her my precious sloot, so I did, whether she liked it or not~

Pyro-San: My good girl, my pet, my fucktoy, she knows how to please me by deep throating my
cock and is a very great Fuck Toy but also nice and sweet which makes her a cutie~


These fits me a little too well:

My Relax theme:

My chains of love theme:

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