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Welcome to Bunny Level Up
Fast & Affordable way to Level Up your Profile

List of Level Up's :
Bunny Summer/Winter Sale Level Up 1
Bunny Summer/Winter Sale Level Up 2

Add This Guy for Bulk Sets

Bunny Very Low Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 50+. For people starting to level up.
Bunny Low Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 100+
Bunny Low Medium Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 150+
Bunny Medium Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 180+
Bunny High Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 250+
Bunny Very High Level Up : Can take you from Level 0 to 350+. Highest variety of sets for high level profiles.

More Services:
Bunny (Buy/Sell) Gems, Profile Backgrounds & Emoticons : Buy & Sell Gems, Profile Backgrounds, Emoticons for Tf2 Keys, Csgo Keys, Gems etc

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FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Accepted Keys & Items for Buying Card Sets
1. All CS:GO Keys (Only Winter Offensive Case Key, Sticker & Capsule Keys NOT Accepted)
Operation Hydra Case Key accepted but at a lower rate
NOTE : CS GO Keys Bought In Game are NOT Tradable Or Marketable Anymore. Only Keys Bought from Steam Community Market are Tradable/Usable now.
2. Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys/Tf2 Key
3. Gems
NOTE: SACK OF GEMS Should be Unpacked. To unpack gems go to your Steam Inventory & Click on Sack of Gems and then Click Unpack Gems.
4. Cs:Go Skins, Tf2 Items etc If you want to trade these or any other item for card sets Add This Guy
How to Use Bunny Levelup Service

1. Add Bunny Summer/Winter Level Up as your friend whichever one suits you according to your current level or which one has card sets for your profile.

2. Type !help Or !commands in steam chat to see a list of all commands with description.

3. Type !check to see how many card sets I have available for your profile. It will also tell you the commands to buy those many sets. Just use the commands that it tell you to use if you want to buy all the sets it has for your profile. It will send an offer accept the offer and craft sets to levelup.

4. You can also Type !level X (Where X is the level you want to reach. For example: !level 100 to see how many sets, keys & gems you will need to reach a particular steam level) Use the commands it tell you to buy that many sets which it will show you in chat. Accept the offer & craft the card sets to levelup.

5. You can also Type !buy X Or !buytf X Or !buyhydra X Or !buygems X to buy card sets for X number of Keys. (Where X is the number of keys you want to spend to buy sets. In case of gems X is number of sets you want to buy instead of number of Keys) For example: !buy 1 (for buying sets for 1 Csgo Key), !buytf 1 (for buying sets for 1 Tf2 key), !buyhydra 1 (for buying sets for 1 Hydra Key) Or !buygems 1 (For Buying 1 set for your Gems)

6. Once you type the command to buy sets. It will send you a trade offer with exact number of sets, keys or gems.

7. Accept the trade offer and craft card sets to level up your steam profile.

8. Join Our Steam Group for Giveaways Or so that you can find us easily if you want to trade with us again. If you want you can also leave a +rep on the profile.

Why are you not able to trade with Bunny Levelup?

1. Your steam account is limited. Read this for more information : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3330-iagk-7663
2. You have trade holds i.e. trading with your account will lead to items going in hold for few days. Read this : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=8078-TPHC-6195
3. You don't have Steam Mobile Authenticator enabled. You will need to wait from 2 days to 15 days after your enable it to be able to trade without holds.
To enable it visit & follow instructions : https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4440-RTUI-9218
4. Your steam profile and inventory should be public.
5. Keys, Gems or Card sets are not tradable yet Or Your Gems are in a Sack. Go to your steam inventory to Unpack the Gems.

List of Commands

You can type !help Or !commands in chat to see a list of command with description of each command.
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