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Sagar Mandal   India
My PayPal [www.paypal.me]
"Selling Arcanas / Ti6-Ti10 cache sets/ Weathers/ HighTier Immortals"
~ Selling Cache Sets / Arcanas / Immortals
( I will never add you from other account, if happens so you are being getting scammed by an imposter , i will always reply from this very account )
this is my only account with 80+ LVL

RESERVATION LINK - Click here [imgur.com]

I have been trading since 2018 and continuing to do so.
I sell all Arcana / immortal items /cache sets / BattlePass levels and many more.
I can arrange any TI collector's cache (right now in my account there are 800+ cache sets/bundles from TI 8 - TI 10 and approximately all of them/mostly all of them are reserved).

Rules to be followed : ( if I have the set/bundle on my inventory ):d2invoker:

1. Ask me the price for the set/bundle and provide the name of it and (I confirm the availability and the price for the set/bundle)
2. You pay for the set/bundle using the mentioned payment methods (link attached in my profile)
3. I will reserve the set/bundle under your profile name on my excel spreadsheet. (also linked on my profile)
4. On the completion of the 30 days, I will deliver/gift you the cache set.
5. In case we are already friends, you pay and I will deliver/gift you the set/bundle instantly ^_^

Rules to be followed: (if I don't have the cache/bundle on my account) :d2invoker:

I have a lot of trusted members in my community where they sell cache bundles/sets from TI 5 to TI 10 and will act as a middleman b/w seller and buyer.

1. Ask me what set/bundle do you want. Please provide the actual name of it, thanks.
2. I will ask you to wait for a couple of hours and then I will confirm if the set/bundle can be found; then I'll make sure that I can to deliver it to you.
3. If I find the set, we will then discuss the price.
4. Once we agreed, I will ask you to pay the amount in order to reserve the set, and then I will provide you account details of a friend so you can actually add it and keep it for 30 days in order to be able to get the sets/bundles for yourself.
5. We wait for 30 days. Once that's completed, my friend will deliver the bundle/set to you.
6. Once it's delivered, then I will pay him the amount as well. Bear in mind I will be keeping some cuts as a middleman.


Payment Methods
1. PayPal - Xoom/transferwise for big payments ( if >100$ USD )
2. Crypto ( USDT / BTC / SOL / ETH and others )
3. Indian Payment Methods - Gpay / Phonepe / Upi / BankTransfer.


:apex_pathfinder:Always be Kind and Generous:apex_pathfinder:
:apex_pathfinder:A frequent buyer will Receive gifts very often:apex_pathfinder:
:apex_pathfinder:Everyone stay safe and have good health:apex_pathfinder:

~ | S W A G G E RRY
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Selling Weathers as well.

Pestilence, Sirocco, Harvest, Rain, Moonbeam, Snow, Ash, Spring, and Aurora

Price range varies- 3$-10$
( If you purchase all of them - 35$ Firm + PayPal fees)

Thank you3
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spaceglider Feb 26 @ 10:10am 
+rep, amazing guy, actually has everything u want
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+rep, excellent skill. appreciate you for the match
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Added for bird of prey set
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good middlemen service +rep :steamhappy:
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