a splash of ♥♥♥ to seal the deal :steamsalty:

Polnareff went to Italy after the discovery of the Stand Arrows

One day while he was walking by an alley way, he saw a young adolescent boy in the alley way shouting at man.
He asked the boy what he was doing and the boy responded saying “TuRuRu” and kept repeating it, Polnareff thought this was weird and got his stand ready for battle,
the boy got scared and said he was sorry. Suddenly his eyes appeared to change, Polnareff was shocked, Polnareff was now ready to attack.
When Polnareff didn’t expect it, the boy turned into what looked like a man in his 20’s, and the man disappeared, the attacker pulled down his pants from behind.
The Attacker unzips his pants and his german frank was exposed, he put his GERMAN FRANK into Polnareff’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, Polnareff moaned and said “please tell me your name,
the man said “Diavolo, but when I’m done with you, you will never let anyone know my identity”, Diavolo kept thrusting and Polnareff was moaning,
Polnareff asks “Why Is It So Big! My ass is to small for your humongous ♥♥♥♥, Diavolo answered “Its genetic, i call him my little capo” and thrusted harder.
“Im About To Come!!!” They both said at the same time, Diavolo pulled out and pointed his GERMAN FRANK in Polnareff’s mouth and came,
and Polnareff did the same.

After their fun, Diavolo grabbed Polnareff’s hard ♥♥♥♥ and started sucking, Polnareff started moaning so hard that bystanders could here,
a young girl came in, her name was Trish Una, she joined their ♥♥♥♥ battle, and took turn riding their horse while her hand was caressing the other one,
Diavolo and Polnareff went for the Double Stand Penetration, Polnareff was thrusting her vagina so hard, she came immediately, Diavolo kept on deepthroating her
and he instantly came, Diavolo remembered something, he had a daughter, and he remembered something about her being named Trish.

Diavolo knew that his secret would be out if he kept them alive, Trish also managed to remember Diavolo was his Dad,
and Trish managed to run away, Polnareff on the other hand was grabbed by diavolo and was thrown of the cliff.

The End

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