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I don't have any discussion accounts. Beware of impersonators
:greencrystal:Buying/Selling unusuals, automaticaly 24/7. Just trade offer me!
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Chat commands are not working, use trade offers instead!

Q: "Can I reserve an unusual?" A: To reserve any unusual I take 2 keys (It's the price for reservation) max time to reservation - 5 days.



:greencrystal:1. Use trade offers please!
:greencrystal:2. No tradebacks from this bot! Make trade offers more carefully!
:greencrystal:3. If you want to ask anything - use my steam comments. I will answer as fast as I can!
:greencrystal:4. Please don't ask for free items, pricechecks or my life story!
:greencrystal:5. If you want to offer me unusual - try send me trade offer, btw you have to overpay if you offer me items/others unusuals I will also check both you and the item thoroughly, so scammers, sharks and hijackers may as well not bother!

:greencrystal:Thank you for your consideration and happy trading!:greencrystal:

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Quicksell.store is a Team Fortress 2 trading site with thousands of items and unusuals available.
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Quickselling all of this. Check my backpack!
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Kev 1 hour ago 
Hi, added to trade for a hat.
facsek76 2 hours ago 
Hi are you need pink co pilot?If yes give me an offer
PanzerV2 6 hours ago 
yo i want to buy your titanium pillar nuts n bolts for 10 keys
positive vibes 17 hours ago 
-rep wont even respond
Summer Salt 18 hours ago 
just listed demoman's fro burning flames for 62 keys go to get it (:D he's my friend selling it for me)
Frogger™ [⇄] Oct 29 @ 12:41pm 
hey, just bought your ge armored authority, can you take your listing down? thanks :)) (anyone whos adding me with the name zol will be blocked)