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● Check out my trading website: Buy, sell, or trade your TF2 items at Quicksell.store [quicksell.store]
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● Quicksell.store discord community: Click here to join [discord.gg]

I don't use any discussion steam/discord accounts. Always ensure you're interacting with the real me and be wary of impersonators.


:greencrystal: I buy and sell unusuals automatically 24/7. Send me a trade offer anytime!
:greencrystal: View my inventory on https://backpack.tf/profiles/76561198337734785
:greencrystal: Send me trade offers directly here: Trade offer link

Please Note:
Chat commands are disabled. Use trade offers.



Q: Can I reserve an unusual?
A: Yes, you can reserve an unusual by depositing 2 keys (reservation fee). The maximum reservation duration is 5 days.



:greencrystal:1. Please use trade offers.
:greencrystal:2. This bot does not process tradebacks. Ensure accuracy when sending trade offers.
:greencrystal:3. Have questions? Drop them in my steam comments, and I'll respond as soon as possible.
:greencrystal:4. Refrain from asking for free items, price checks, or personal stories.
:greencrystal:5. If you have any item offers, send a trade offer. Do note that I vet both parties and items involved, so scammers or suspicious traders, please abstain.

:greencrystal: Thank you for understanding. Wishing you happy trading! :greencrystal:

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Jeffrey Epstein 19 hours ago 
even though you scammed me of course.
Jeffrey Epstein 19 hours ago 
hey man,may god forgive you for swearing on him.Have a great day and rest of you're life.I have nothing against you,hope you are doing well in life and you do well with that money to support you're family.Have a great day!
Jeffrey Epstein 20 hours ago 
want to "trade" for an tf2 item
Faceless_Man#TF2EASY Apr 17 @ 2:35am 
Check trade pls!!
Epithious Apr 13 @ 8:47pm 
Added to ask about the Death at dusk firewall
ĐƗƤƤ€Ř Apr 10 @ 7:16pm 
added to discuss prince pomade burning flames