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:theShipWrench:Highlander Experience

UGC Highlander:

Season 21: Main Engie, EU Steel - Not Yet Specified
Season 22: Main Engie, EU Silver - Leader of Not Yet Specified
Season 23: Main Engie, EU Silver - Leader of Not Yet Specified
Season 24: Sub Engie, EU Plat - Art of Throwing
Season 25: Main Engie, EU Plat - Art of Throwing

ETF2L Highlander:

Season 12: Main Engie, Mid - Not Yet Specified
Season 13: Main Engie, Mid Playoffs - Not Yet Specified
Season 14: Main Engie, High - Not Yet Specified
Season 15: Sub Engie, High (3rd place) - SENSATION

Edgyneer: oh that girl
PiGG MaNN: she is there for split second but she is like proll my type https://youtu.be/-CBTyi-ovO8?t=79
PiGG MaNN: adorbs
PiGG MaNN: zzz
PiGG MaNN: not the whore with exposed legs
PiGG MaNN: one of piano
PiGG MaNN: on
Edgyneer: looks like the kind of girl that would pull a dick out and fuck your ass
PiGG MaNN: no not her lol
Edgyneer: oh lmao
PiGG MaNN: she would rape u anally on first date
PiGG MaNN: at 1.20
PiGG MaNN: soooooo cute
Edgyneer: The one with curly hair ?
Edgyneer: Indeed cute
PiGG MaNN: nooo
PiGG MaNN: not the nigger
PiGG MaNN: hold on
PiGG MaNN: https://youtu.be/-CBTyi-ovO8?t=80
Edgyneer: The blonde girl ?
PiGG MaNN: there
PiGG MaNN: that one#
Edgyneer: Dude the fuck is up with amount of girls in this clip
PiGG MaNN: dunno lol
Edgyneer: Asian girl uh ?
Edgyneer: Naughty boy
Edgyneer: Looks asian to me
Edgyneer: Vetle is into korean pussy i'il ask him
Edgyneer: He'il tell you the same thing
PiGG MaNN: ok ask hi
PiGG MaNN: m
Edgyneer: Edgyneer: VETLE
vetle: yea
Edgyneer: Johny does not want to recognize that he's into asian girls
Edgyneer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CBTyi-ovO8&feature=youtu.be&t=80
Edgyneer: 1:20
Edgyneer: That girl looks asian right ?
vetle: no
vetle: she looks northern and emo
vetle: huge difference
Edgyneer: here you heard the man
Edgyneer: get fucked nigger
Edgyneer: oooooooooooooooooo waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
PiGG MaNN: lol
PiGG MaNN: and u say im retard ahhahaa
PiGG MaNN: but what does he mean by northern
PiGG MaNN: north america
PiGG MaNN: well obv
PiGG MaNN: brb i need brain alcohol
Edgyneer: vetle: I thought the americans didn't know the diffferences between people
vetle: but french doesn't know it aswell smh
Edgyneer: Vetle is going to hold my family in hostage now
Edgyneer: Huge thanks
PiGG MaNN: so the moral of the story is
PiGG MaNN: uh
PiGG MaNN: jonny likes that cute girl thats not a nigger or man rapist
PiGG MaNN: at 1.20 on piano
PiGG MaNN: yes
PiGG MaNN: also i really don't like asian girls

PiGG MaNN: i swear i'm not shy
PiGG MaNN: i dont go near girls im too gentlemanly

Nox: Those fully grown boobs are disgusting
Nox: Everything above 13 is not ok

Tatty G: good job on making it past the genius of a 12 year old
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I eat prem spies for dinner my dude
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Woolen avenged me

You shouldnt have taunted after killing me
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My best friend irl i can't stop to play with
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Hello. I am commenting because you are friends with Axle Change and I need your help. A few weeks ago, I traded with his bot, and there was a mistake. (I have proof.) I want what is rightfully mine so I can donate it to Tip of the Hats, which is a charity for kids with cancer that starts tomorrow. I just want him to do the right thing. The whole story is in my description if you want a better perspective. You can also add me if you have questions. I am asking for you to comment or message him, especially if you know him well, to convince him to at least talk to me. Just tell him to look at this comment to find my profile. Sorry if this was annoying, but thank you for your time. And thank you so much if you help! I will delete this comment in a week for your convince