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roxeelamaa Jul 13 @ 1:47pm 
Theres only 11 2x3, 4 in 2x2 and 10 4x3 houses that i can find (low residential). The rest i cant see anymore with find it. Probably an issue on my side but cant find what. I'm subscribed to all the required props. The houses that are still left have no pavements and no props when placed. same thing when i create a new city. Do you have an idea? i want your work back <3
Khrysler Jul 9 @ 2:03am 
I never removed any of my assets on steam..?
roxeelamaa Jul 7 @ 8:18am 
Hey, are you deleting your houses from the workshop:Cities Skylines? (i'm almost only using them and they are disapearing from my world. i'm so sad
Jugend84 Jan 22 @ 11:59am 
i am with jordyy in one team, can we try to use your models for GTA Stars And Stripes?. We are non-commercial project. There are CS contributors that agreed to help us like Ronyx69, Smilies, Intence, Modocero and Tomas13. We have huge team of 3d modellers, but we need 10 000 buildings in total :c
Khrysler Jan 14 @ 6:15pm 
It depends on what is about..?
Khrysler Jan 14 @ 6:10pm 
Thank you. I don't have any subscription platform. However, I have done a commission before