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Khrysler May 1 @ 8:47pm 
Thanks. Happy to hear that :) Hudson's Department Store is interesting since it got demolished but I like to create growables for the time being so...Book Tower or Cadillac Tower would be my choices from Detroit probably
d.meiling Apr 28 @ 4:06pm 
Hey Khrysler thank you for your beautiful buildings! They looking very nice in every city i build. Is it possible, that you could create Hudsons Department Store, Fisher Building or Herman Kiefer Complex? I try to build the City of Detroit, and these ones would be need urgently ;)
Khrysler Apr 6 @ 9:39pm 
Thank you!
HayleyFan219 Mar 30 @ 4:53am 
Your Art Deco buildings are spectacular! 10/10
Khrysler Mar 11 @ 11:54am 
Your suggestions are also on my wishlist and I've been thinking about a lot to build some rowhouses from Boston for level 4 and 5 high residential since my city is getting swarmed by the vanilla ones...I have other buildings I want to make as well so can't promise anything soon. Thanks for your comment anyway!
williammallon Mar 10 @ 10:50am 
Hello. I've been subscribing to your rowhouse creations in the Cities:Skylines workshop. Great stuff...I hope you keep adding more. I would be interested in seeing your interpretation of the historic 'Colonial' style Elfreth's Alley in Philadelphia or Beacon Hill in Boston. Having seen what you've done so far, I think that style of rowhouse would be an interesting addtion to your collection. Thanks for sharing your time and talent.