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Hey there. Armello is more complex a game than it seems. The best play's rarely obvious, and so are some of the worst mistakes you can make. Here I'm going to try to summarize everything an accomplished Armello player should know, and provide some examples
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An amazing surprise of a game.

I've rarely been so drawn into a video game universe. It's just so rich and creative, and the writing is excellent. Every moment of my journey through the world of NWP was an absolute delight.
On top of that, the soundtrack is fantastic.

It takes a while to get used to the gameplay, since the resource management system is kind of unique and not so intuitive at first. The unusual thing is that your units can get wounded and permanently die in battle, and you also have complete control over your deck size (you can bring anywhere from 0 to 24 units into battle and change your deck at every moment in the game). That means there is always a ton of room for critical thinking, as balancing "storing" away units until you get a chance to heal them, or risk taking them to battle, bringing a lot in order to be safe and avoid fatigue damage, or a fewer amount to draw specific ones earlier and be more aggressive, preparing differently for specific battles, and deciding whether or not you want to buy costly units and/or cannon fodder is just a lot to process.
But that's also what makes it so special and fun in the long run.

My main gripe about the game is the absence of outcome display outside of combat. You're getting in a lot of different situations that require you to make a scenaristic choice in the course of a run, and you have to make these calls without knowing how they will affect you. Sometimes, you can sort of guess what kind of danger or resources they'll bring onto you, but some other times, it's not so intuitive, and you have to play a lot to get familiar with most of these.
That isn't great for people who've already read through every piece of dialogue several times and keep playing for the challenge, especially if they are to take breaks, and that doesn't help to get into the game as a newcomer either. An arguably immersive choice, sure, but I feel like you're being left in the dark a bit too much about certain things.

However, if you've got the nerves to hang on until you're familiar with it, this is an extraordinary strategy game, with a ton of replayability. Though be mindful that runs (they're called campaigns, and understandably so) are unusually long for a roguelike deckbuilder, ranging from 3 to 5 hours on average. So quite an adventure! Anyway, seeing as how forgiving the lower difficulties are, I'm confident it's at least worth most people's curiosity!
Denizsim Nov 5, 2023 @ 8:53am 
I liked your review of Archvale and had the opportunity to look at your other reviews as well. I noticed that you like platform games like me. I want to recommend you a hidden gem since I didn't see it in your reviews. Aeterna Noctis, a platform-oriented metroidvania. I'm sure you won't regret it with its fluid gameplay. :cozyroe: