i wipe boogers on dogs
manually breathing and blinking   Houston, Texas, United States
i hate you. i am responsible for every horrible thing that happens in your life. all me. i think its funny and i hate you.
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genuine hacker Sep 15 @ 5:06pm 
ear me grubber?
minecraft.bobby.2016 Sep 8 @ 1:09pm 
Not only do I feel dumber for trying to verbalize what you try to type, but I'm slowly losing the will to live. I do not want to live in a world where people like you are given the opportunity to work or have a say in anyone's future, let alone reproduce. I'm an atheist but I still pray, not for you, but fore the rest of us. God help us all, except you. I'm ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ surprised you weren't thrown out with the after birth, or aborted at the age of six, when you were finally able to speak, and your parents realize they made a mistake with you. I hope this is getting to you, because we know you struggle with simple things, like reading, writing and basic addition, but that's besides the point. We want you to know, we don't support you, hell, we barely tolerate you at times. I'd mind you less if you'd stop wasting our oxygen, and valuable resources on your stupid insignificant life. Do the world a favor and jump off a bridge.

i wipe boogers on dogs Sep 2 @ 3:03pm 
all bug no balls
genuine hacker Sep 2 @ 12:42pm 
minecraft.bobby.2016 Sep 1 @ 6:37pm 
minecraft.bobby.2016 Sep 1 @ 6:37pm 
u r bug