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Posted: Apr 5, 2023 @ 11:14pm

Early Access Review
Adult Content?
(F) Nudity.
No genitalia shown.
Hours of Gameplay
Four or five hours.
Patch Available?
Not officially.

Liza finds more than she bargains for inside her boyfriend’s virtual reality when she discovers what’s really inside his “work” folder!

Liza is sick of “quarantine time”, but her friend (or boyfriend, perhaps) Zanardi has a solution! Lending his headset, Liza lets off some steam inside a “Cozy Cabin” of his creation. But digging deeper, she finds a portal into his computer — transforming her peaceful retreat into a procedurally generated combat exercise!

As Liza shoots her way through Zanardi’s secrets, the “scan wall” creeps closer, purging all that it passes over. Should she be caught (or shot. . . or blown up), she’s forced to restart with nothing more than the money she collects along the way. . . as long as you make “deposits” inside randomly spawned mailboxes.

Sexual Content
Unfortunately, there is no pornographic content.

In an effort to “bring the game to more stores and audiences in the future”, Zanardi and Liza has made it clear there will be no “100% graphically nude” content. Fortunately, I’ve successfully modded Fi da Puti Samurai.

Well, some nudity was added before I published my review.

For those of you interested in full nudity, I recommend installing my very own Fi da Booty Samurai mod. Installation isn’t “drag-n’-drop”, but it only takes a few minutes.

In spite of a few game-breaking bugs and some lost progress I thoroughly enjoyed this game! Fi da Puti Samurai is quite a few updates away from completion, but it’s come a long way since I last played.

Zanardi and Liza continues to add and rebalance content, making every other month a fun “where are they now”. If you’re looking for a conclusive (or even just a consistent) game, Fi da Puti Samurai will not deliver. At the end of the day, my playtime is due to my own incompetence and completionism — not because of the number of playable stages or any sort of “story”. But hey, as long as shooting half-naked girls is all of the “story” you need, this game will surely “help [you] on [your] quarantine time”!

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