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Posted: Feb 17, 2020 @ 11:00pm

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Beach anime day is a jigsaw puzzle game with a beach and pixel aesthetic.

This is a basic jigsaw puzzle game, with adjustable difficulty. After selecting a stage, you begin with a collection of scrambled tiles. When (correctly) assembled, they form an (animated) image. You are timed, and if you run out of time, you will lose a heart. If you lose all your hearts, it's game-over.

There are twenty-one stages and eleven pieces of art to put together.

There is no story or character bios. Moving on.

The title screen is simple and clean, sporting a pixel aesthetic and animated bikini babe. She flaps her arms and eyes with ceaseless determination. In-game, the center of the screen is reserved for the puzzle, and the remainder for your time, hearts and pieces. For some bizarre reason, the developers didn't implement a means to disable sound.

. . . so I had to mute the game via my Windows "App Volume" settings, just to keep rockin' to my jams.

The moment I saw this game, I thought that I had seen the assets before. There's another game I played, with strikingly similar sprites, mechanics and overall user interface. The game in question has been removed from the Steam Store, so I can't provide a link. But I'm suspecting an asset flip.

- The Goods -
The artwork looks decent, but I was not super impressed with the animations. As a pixel artist (myself), a lot of the girls use the same base, which becomes clear when compared side-by-side. The animations seemed to imply that the girls were made of jelly, and lacked bones. As there is no gallery, you have to re-solve puzzles anytime you want to review an image. You can't fullscreen puzzles that you have solved.

As this title lacks the most basic of features you'd expect in a jigsaw puzzle (from a gallery to turning off sound), I'm going to give this game a thumbs down. Unless you specifically need a pixel aesthetic, I would look elsewhere for your jigsaw fix.

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Hydrostatic Jul 12, 2020 @ 3:59pm 
^ This jaggoff loves the gayest crap