TheAlabastarBrothers MvM.85
Hello, Everyone! We are the Alabastar Brothers, a guild of Adventurers and heroes that have formed a brother hood amongst one another! We adventure far and wide for the world is our oyster and we'll be cracking it open wide! I am Joseph Alabastar, the leader of our little guild! Our medicinal aid is Wolfy Alabastar and our Rougue's name is Axel! Dr.Wesley serves as our personal engineer and biomechanic. Johnny Pischa is our grave robber and highly skilled dungeon gower, and Dr.Freak is the Craziest Bastard you'll find, Ahahaha!

Current Alabastar Brothers:
Wolfy Alabastar
Joseph Alabastar
Axel Alabastar
"Dr." Wesley Anton
Johnny Pischa

LV: 85 (EXP: 25/91)

Soviet Pootis Army Rank: Seargent
Squad Leader: Three Star General
Currently Online
TheAlabastarBrothers MvM.85 Jul 16 @ 11:35pm 
It wasn't hacked. It was scammed. Fortunately, they only stripped away my hardwork and not everything else. I was dumb enough to let them take a lot, but I caught on before they got all of it. I can tell you one thing, my respect for my 'superiors' is what got me in trouble. It's why I didn't question things until it was too late for my TF2 items. Can't say that I will make that same mistake again.
Soviet Fireball Jul 16 @ 6:53pm 
Hey, dude, I heard your account got hacked by mine. Just wanted to let you know that mine had gotten hijacked too and subject to the same fate. I lost all my cosmetics and items too. I just want you to know that I'm sorry for what the other guy did and I hope we can recover from this moving forward.
May 7 @ 7:46pm 
May 7 @ 7:05pm 
meow meow purr purr