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Know when to stand your ground and when to back down. Especially when you are online, have principles, and know when to shift your perspective if proven to a better point that hurts fewer people and is achievable. If you want to know more about the angle of how I try to analyze things give the video a look if you have free time! TRIGGER WARNING: VAUSH https://youtu.be/MQ4TujGKZms?si=p4gWNKAwEcXRze01
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Read it or don’t. I’m just here anyway.
Yeah used to be a wall of pointless text here. Generally I have more important things going on in life or I'm just getting out and doing things with friends and relatives.

I also do not entertain rabbit hole discussions anymore unless there is an empirical reason for me to do so especially if I'm just trying to vibe on a game online which usually means... Oh holy crap I take downtime and have hobbies? That’s crazy.

If you have any other questions of my character refer to my about me info at the top. Drama is boring and repetitive and when dragged on hurts people for sometimes the most illogical and asinine reasons especially if said altercations could have just been avoided by judging the long reaching actions of a person INSTEAD of judging someone solely from the context you get from looking at a damn screen. Drop the pretending to know everyone's day to day life actions and circumstances. It’s pretty and boring and indicative of very low social and emotional maturity.

Regardless of all that above hope you all have a great day. And if you wish others to have a bad day well maybe you have a good reason or perhaps you don't. But at the end of the day we should be hoping that circumstance allows for everyone to just get along and help the world.


Pasted above is a Vaush video pretty much highlighting the crap I went through with the TF2 community in a social sense. I consider myself a Democratic Socialist/Moral Antirealist so honestly the crap I went through with people that I thought were on the left with me was beyond insane especially with my stance and views on rehabilitation and just being kind to people. The purity testing BS needs to stop even more so in the real world where it hurts people even more.
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While I do not recommend this game… That does not change the fact it is something that I do still enjoy and will continue to enjoy. It scratches the itch of being able to work on a mechanic of gameplay and continue to master it over time with a new and old set of players all the time. It’s formula of team based shooter is pretty much a perfectly imperfect masterpiece and very well did set the standard going forward which I might argue was for the better or worse depending on what a new games spin on it happened to be. Back to the game itself so the skill ceiling is very punishing if you aren’t in an environment that you even get a chance to improve. A lot of that can come down to tolerance of how people act online and your own personal drive to put in time either looking for content relating to the game or literally working on game mechanics in MGE or the such. I do not blame people for not wanting to deal with a lot of the players you will run into with this game but at the end of the day you hold your own principles. We are online and you should expect things to play out as they can being online.

Personally I think people should realize that many others even those that might seem insufferable are just trying to find something to do with their free time. I work a full time job and want to get on TF2? Don’t expect anything from me I try to be chill and for the most part just play the game. I recommend playing if you are willing to have the temperament to do so.
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My Old Medic Main... Rest in Peace.
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Howdi bois so I play a bit of med, and over the hours ive noticed that the longer I play, the more often I notice that there's another med in the lobby that i want to to give some help to, but I just never get around to it and over time I've more and more
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now you can truly be 64-bit (in TF2 anyway) XD
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Ken Apr 6 @ 10:54pm 
thanks for overhealing me in that badwater game we played as medics. it was a good match.
PℯℯkABoo❀†✿ Mar 31 @ 6:12pm 

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Citrus Mar 30 @ 11:22pm 
hey medic i like kpop
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