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Beat saber... Curently the best game I've ever bought for my Oculus rift. Here's a few positive and negative points about the game:

+File size around 400MB, so a fast download.
+The game doesn't seem to crash
+Constant updates with performance fixes
+Really entertaining and fun to play
+Makes for a good workout too

-Game has some performance issues with the Oculus rift, it sometimes starts to lag whenever there are too many blocks coming your way.
-Due to constant updates there's also a few spaces of time where you can't play the custom songs you've downloaded because the modding community hasn't updated the mods.

There aren't that many weak points that I can give, many of them are sometimes not the game's fault and some are just because my PC couldn't run the game good enough.
But overall the game is great, the lagg can be fixed by doing "-vrmode oculus" in the launch options for a smoother experience, and you can also minimalize your discord while you're on "Do not disturb" (For some reason this really helped and stopped me from lagging ingame)

In a nutshell, the game is great, the modding community is great, and because of the custom songs options you can never stop playing new songs and get bored of playing the same ones all the time. The game is definitely worth your money!

4.5/5 Rating from me :)
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Hello there,
I see you've been scrolling through my profile so I'd like to answer commonly asked questions here:

Q: What is your CSGO rank?
A: Currently my rank is Legendary Eagle, which is also the highest rank I have gotten so far. But I'm pretty sure I'm able to grow all the way to global.

Q: Do you play CSGO just for fun or do you want to start an amateur career?
A: I started CSGO for fun about 3 years ago, but I never really stopped playing so I eventually seeked higher goals in my CSGO career. I'm currently searching for teams that match my skill level and people that have the same goal as me that also know how to play the game properly instead of running off the site, can't land a single shot, make stupid decisions etc... Also would be interested to play FACEIT with my teammates and become a team that would be participating in many tournaments. That is my goal.

Q: What is your setup?
A: I use a Intel Core i5-7400 with a GTX 1060. Currently using a 75Hz monitor (2560 x 1440 31.5 Inch)to play CSGO which I found out was not optimal and as good as a 144Hz monitor, so that'll be my next upgrade.

Q: Is an Oculus rift worth it?
A: Well, depends on what you'd like to play. I play a lot of Beat Saber on my Oculus rift, but I also like to play different games such as VRChat. It's much more fun to play in VR and sometimes can make for a good workout too. For $400 it isn't a bad price to pay, and for me an Oculus is absolutely worth it.

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