Froggy (or Froggie)   Florida, United States
Steam doesn't alert me when I get messages anymore for ?? reason. If you message me and don't hear back in a day or two, please leave a message on my profile. I do still get those alerts.

If Steam says I am in a game, I might not be. Often I am away and running games for card drops with an automated program. :bluewizard:

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"Away" status usually means I am not here but left a game running for trading card drops. Recently, most of the time I'm not actually playing a game when Steam says I'm "in game" because real life has me too busy right now.

I'm an anti-social gamer. (seriously, I have social anxiety disorder--people scare me--it's a psychological diagnosis) I prefer single-player. Hardly ever multiplayer. Prepare to be disappointed if you want to add me just to play multi.

- Yes, I like frogs. It's because they eat bugs. And I hate bugs! The more frogs the better. I live in Florida, after all. There are these little tree frogs that come out at night and stick to the windows and eat bugs. That's where I got the idea for choosing this avatar.

Other stuff about me: I am an old fart. No, older than that, no older...keep going...ah forget it. I had an Atari 2600 when I was a child (6-8 years old) and I mean a brand new one, not one found at a garage sale for a couple bucks! You do the math. Nah, I'm just teasing. Really I'm not all that old, or at least I don't feel old. Middle age probably seems really old to teenagers. That's what I thought when I was young.

I like puzzle games, especially Logic puzzles. Also turn-based strategy. Occasionally I play an action game but mostly I like time to sit and think out my tactics.

Other than games I an an avid reader (that means I read a lot, like, every day!) and prefer Science Fiction, Fantasy genres, occasionally Mystery, Suspense, Thriller. In general I don't like stuff about real life; I like to escape to other worlds to get my mind off my problems in this world.

My Brother's Lego YouTube Channel: If you like Legos you might be interested in my brother's YouTube channel called "The Xix": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp5K3pHKOJ-7intryQMXedg/featured . It is NOT a pay channel, just for fun. He does reviews of Lego sets, original stories using Legos, and his own creations.

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Semi 11 hours ago 
+rep good trader c:
ValkyrieMoon 22 hours ago 
Hey You, where you been? Good to see you around, hope you have a fantastic week ahead
9otters Apr 23 @ 2:30pm 
Enjoy your week!

Jxt09 Apr 20 @ 5:13pm 
Yes, you can help! Give me one million dollars. There, Happyland achieved!
Killer Rabbit Apr 20 @ 4:04pm 
Do you need help to make it across the border to happy joy land? I can help push, pull, drag, or whatever it takes.
Jxt09 Apr 20 @ 3:58pm 
Starting to feel better. Not as numb as I was. Still not in happy joy land, though. Thanks for asking