Froggy (or Froggie)   Florida, United States
I'm not as silly as my frog avatar. I just picked him cuz he looks so ridiculous, and I love frogs.

Steam doesn't alert me when I get messages anymore for ?? reason. If you message me and don't hear back in a day or two, please leave a message on my profile. I do still get those alerts.

If Steam says I am in a game, I might not be. Often I am away and running games for card drops with an automated program. :bluewizard:

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"Away" status usually means I am not here but left a game running for trading card drops. Recently, most of the time I'm not actually playing a game when Steam says I'm "in game" because real life has me too busy right now.

I'm an anti-social gamer. (seriously, I have social anxiety disorder--people scare me--it's a psychological diagnosis) I prefer single-player. Hardly ever multiplayer. Prepare to be disappointed if you want to add me just to play multi.

- Yes, I like frogs. It's because they eat bugs. And I hate bugs! The more frogs the better. I live in Florida, after all. There are these little tree frogs that come out at night and stick to the windows and eat bugs. That's where I got the idea for choosing this avatar.

Other stuff about me: I am an old fart. No, older than that, no older...keep going...ah forget it. I had an Atari 2600 when I was a child (6-8 years old) and I mean a brand new one, not one found at a garage sale for a couple bucks! You do the math. Nah, I'm just teasing. Really I'm not all that old, or at least I don't feel old. Middle age probably seems really old to teenagers. That's what I thought when I was young.

I like puzzle games, especially Logic puzzles. :triangle: Also turn-based strategy. Occasionally I play an action game but mostly I like time to sit and think out my tactics.

Other than games I an an avid reader (that means I read a lot, like, every day!) and prefer Science Fiction, Fantasy genres, occasionally Mystery, Suspense, Thriller. In general I don't like stuff about real life; I like to escape to other worlds to get my mind off my problems in this world.:EnvShip:

My Brother's Lego YouTube Channel: If you like Legos you might be interested in my brother's YouTube channel called "The Xix": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp5K3pHKOJ-7intryQMXedg/featured . It is NOT a pay channel, just for fun. He does reviews of Lego sets, original stories using Legos, and his own creations.

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henry krinkle 12 hours ago 
.. have a fun weekend jx.. .•*¨*✧
Killer Rabbit 17 hours ago 
With that stipulation you'll be stuck with them forever!
Jxt09 17 hours ago 
So i can throw them at you when you annoy me!!!! GRRR!!!!
Killer Rabbit 17 hours ago 
What are you doing with so many nuts in your stash? Hmm?
Jxt09 17 hours ago 
relax people, I can grow another one. I got a ton of acorns stashed away.
9otters 22 hours ago 
OMG! Not the tree! Not the treeeee....