Effie is best tank.
WD-40 solves all your problems
"But It's gonna take more than that to impress me!" -Captain knuckles
"Man i feel like such a sucker." -Don patch.
:2016skull:Blood Dice!, Blood DICE! D&D WILL GIVE YOU AIDS!!!!!:2016skull:
"The finely-crafted, well-toned, plump, and juicy buttcheeks of our beloved Ultra Greed. Kim Kardashian can't even compare to the amazingly beautiful buttocks of our favorite end-game boss. Gaze into the buttcrack, and see what future awaits you." -Binding of issac rebirth wiki.:gaper:

"I am the milkman my milk is delicious." - Milk man

I'd jack in to a robot :^)

About me? I'm simply :awesome:wesome!.... No i'm a cringy loser who loves to play games on his ps3 and pc. I dont care too much for chinese cartoons,
I'm working hard to becoming a somewhat gamer designer hopefully but i'll probably never get to.

I guess that's it, Have good one.

Also all your Money belongs to the cat ->:Neko:

FYI: Everyone is a Spy :spycon: Have fun~ :spycon::dswilsonscared::spycon:

A Cat gun

Have we gone too far from the light? V
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[h1]"She's a banana first and a dinosaur second. But it's a close second."[/h1]

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bout May 26 @ 4:36pm 
damn tongues back at it again with the furry profile pic :2016bee:
John Fuckin' Lemon May 23 @ 4:25pm 
pounces on you and gropes your butt :33 lol just kidding, how are you kittycat w^ mroww. Where were you sexy girl :3 LOL I bet you were doing something else ;) :33 one of THOSE nights w^ . Well, If you say so :3 I can only imagine your body then ///^ . Whispers in your ear want to know a secret? :33 I think I might now someone who has a crush on you :D w^ you'll never know LOL . Maybe it's me ~ ///^ ;; Glomps :33 . You're so cute hugs you and accidentally touches your chest what are you thinking about sexy? w^ I'm thinking about you~ Onii-chan :D I bet you have a boyfriend :33 what's his name? w^ touches your hand I can't wait to see you next week w^ my heart is pounding so fast
John Fuckin' Lemon May 22 @ 10:08pm 

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3. Далее нажми 6 и посмотри на текст.
Nyxxi May 22 @ 12:41am 
John Fuckin' Lemon May 20 @ 12:23am 
Clarence is a story about a high school student Named Clarence who due to unlucky circumstances, ends up attending a "Clarence" rehabilitation camp. Set in the woods, Clarence meets a variety of characters, the main three being Clarence, Clarence, and Clarence along with several minor characters. The story progresses as the characters interact, face perhaps deadly challenges, and have a little fun.

I highly recommend this game for any Clarence lover.
John Fuckin' Lemon May 17 @ 11:02pm 
----(---|---y;---,-""'"-.\---\ /--