[V.T.P] Kalibass
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[V.T.P] Skuldars 28 mar 2023, ore 14:04 
Wub, Wub, Wub
Pezkee 13 nov 2019, ore 14:36 
Yo, i think we played together today on the Stalker server. My name's Shaun, AKA, BIG JUICE. We ran into battle and I died an honourable death. What happened to you, brother?
Bulgarischer Türsteher 4 nov 2019, ore 15:35 
+rep StalkerZ ehrenmate
Mastermind- 18 mag 2016, ore 5:43 
+rep good trader good man tnx
Cannoli 18 mar 2016, ore 5:03 
+rep best vodka partner P.S. much love to germania my frend :steamhappy:
[V.T.P]V0lc4n0 6 gen 2015, ore 13:19