Brandon B.   Chicago, Illinois, United States
Please comment/keep your profile public before adding me, otherwise I'll ignore your request. Thanks!

In-Game: Unless I'm busy tryharding, trading, or am just distracted, you usually should get a response nearly immediately.
Online: Either on mobile or just browsing steam, sometimes I may be doing other stuff and you may not get a response.
Away: Most likely kept steam open and am currently working on something else.
Offline: Feel free to message me about something, I check steam messages very often and will get a response to you once I return.

A little bit about me:
-24 Year old Half Korean/French guy born in IL
-Huge Weeknd Fan. Love to Rock Climb. Smash Bros Fanatic.
-Graduated out of DePaul University in Chicago, majoring in Finance and triple minoring in International Business, Accounting, and Economics. (Yes I'm a nerd pls stop bullying me). My current job is for a BTC ATM company known as RockitCoin, under their business development team.

-Usually always on Team Fortress 2, but I tend to play a few other games on steam, including CS:GO and Slay the Spire, Borderlands, Binding of Isaac, etc.
-Huge Xbox console player, have experienced a lot of games throughout the years including a majority of the Halo and Call of Duty series, Borderlands 1 and 2, Skyrim, Fallout 3/New Vegas, etc.
-Have plenty of pages of reputation, always open to negotiate and talk about whatever, whether it be trading or just random stuff.
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Backpack profile for those interested in trading:

Trade offer link:

I can sell any of my unusuals for paypal or zelle. I have had hundreds of transactions that range in price with various users, as well as purchased and sold keys consistently. Feel free to add me to discuss or ask rates and prices.

I can also sell items through, should you need a trusted website to help proceed a purchase.

Here's a link to my trust page:

Will be more than willing to go first provided you have more reputation than I do.

You're welcome to check what I'm selling. If you like something there, you can buy it directly for whatever, or add me to negotiate on a price.

I'm generally always selling a bunch of different unusuals and other items. My showcase in my profile here highlights a few of my better or more expensive hats. Check my profile or classified listings for prices, items, and more!

MAKE SURE IM THE REAL ME! IVE BEEN IMPERSONATED BEFORE! I’ve heard numerous cases of many of my impersonators adding your profile after you comment on my actual steam profile, so be aware. A majority of the time they will have a private inventory, and other random information that is suspicious.

If I’m adding you to trade, it is most likely for something I wish to purchase or offer on, and I will always provide a detailed comment regarding why. (Most of the time I’ll send a trade offer.) My inventory will always be public, and I have a few games that I play outside of TF2. I also have comments dating back to nearly a decade ago, and a 12 year service badge. It’s pretty clear to check and realize if I’m me or not.

I will never add you to suggest to use a website (Unless it’s a reputable, commonly used website, like, ask for your account information, have an alternate "discussion account," or attempt a trade with money through the use of a middle man. Any of these are a majority of the time grounds for an impersonator/scam attempt, and I would advise you report such an account to SteamRep.

My general guideline and rules for Trading:

1. I am perfectly content with negotiating and discussing on any deal for any unusual I have. None of my listed buyouts are final under any circumstance. I am also happy to give advice to players who lack the experience in a certain deal they are making.
2. I don't offer tradebacks, but I’m a relatively patient person. If you wish to think about an offer, you’re more than welcome. However, if you make a mistake or regret taking an offer, that is your responsibility, not mine. Steam gives you two times to confirm and accept a trade, so do not trade me first and ask for a return later. (I HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE BEFORE, NORMALLY CHARGING A SMALL FEE EVERY TIME. I WILL USE MY OWN JUDGEMENT ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS TO DETERMINE IF ITS LEGITIMATE OR NOT.)
3. I check all relevant websites before trading. This includes, history of your unusual, recent price suggestions, etc.
4. I don't trade with scammers, under any circumstance. This also includes permanently banned (Marked in red) players on, for whatever reason. I know that it is no longer a bannable offense to trade with unmarked players on steamrep, but it usually saves me time and less of a headache to not bother with users known for previous scam/sharing accusations, since they tend to be impatient and annoying.
5. If you're well-mannered and generally understanding with me, I will act in the same manner. Being an asshole will just result in wasting your time and mine, and a higher inventory value than mine doesn't make you more intelligent, so get off your god-complex.

Thanks for those that read this!
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