Brawl Bashin’ Bison
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"Hindsight is 20/20"
"Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely"

[after an ace]
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : sorry, my hax went into overdrive
billip #puppybowl : hold W + m1
[a few rounds later]
billip #puppybowl : i cant play against bison
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : LOL
billip #puppybowl : he does it so poorly
swagswagswag : chets
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : HAHAHAHAHA
billip #puppybowl : it destroys me
billip #puppybowl : retard strength x9000

Brawl Bashin’ Bison : it's better we end this pug quickly
skrilla : bison toggles
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ^
Ben- : Bison toggles
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ^
skrilla : voteban
Ben- : :)

(Terrorist) fREiGht : bison
(Terrorist) Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ?
LeFty! : bison is on fire
(Terrorist) fREiGht : turned them on
(Terrorist) Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ^

Brawl Bashin’ Bison : gg loopz
loopz! : GG
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : i'll shit all over u
Player: Brawl Bashin’ Bison - Damage Given
Damage Given to "colin" - 54 in 2 hits
Damage Given to "loopz!" - 126 in 2 hits
Damage Given to "DK" - 109 in 1 hits
Player: Brawl Bashin’ Bison - Damage Given
Damage Given to "DK" - 113 in 1 hit
Damage Given to "loopz!" - 101 in 3 hits
Damage Given to "shadow" - 442 in 1 hit
loopz!: WTF IS THAT
loopz!: he fucking use hack on me

*SPEC* .dot ` .relaxive : =( bison u have to be an ass right :D?
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ya
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : because i'm #1
*SPEC* .dot ` .relaxive : :(
*SPEC* .dot ` .relaxive : ahahha
*DEAD* De4tHKiLLeR : loOl
*SPEC* .dot ` .relaxive : ok ok i give up :D
*SPEC* .dot ` .relaxive : ur number 1

*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : bison cheats
*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : anti spread
*DEAD* Brawl Bashin’ Bison : it's true, i do
*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : detected
*DEAD* Brawl Bashin’ Bison : thanks for pointing that out
*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : you're welcome
*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : wink wink
*SPEC* Hidden #Insanity? : Bison use's a triggerbot.
*SPEC* ☜wafflecopters☞ : hacks to strong
*DEAD* Brawl Bashin’ Bison : ^

<I kill russel when he's rotating>
Russell^Westbrook : baits, crouch spams his deag
Russell^Westbrook : great game
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : LOL
Russell^Westbrook : i want to kill myself
Brawl Bashin’ Bison : HAHAHAHA
Russell^Westbrook : right now
Accsick : crys over css
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mocha 11 hours ago 
Let's play gtav
MeMoRy_ Jun 19 @ 10:48pm 
BISON!!!!! :) BRAHZKIII!!!!!! ;]
Purple I GunnCrazy Jun 16 @ 8:19pm 
hey just thought I would let you know, since your friends list is full and I can't add you, that i'm really really liking this plugin that allows you to alt tab and it will message you when you get subbed in now I don't have to constantly tab back in to check if I got subbed in or kicked for afk or what ever it might be. Keep up the good work my dude!
son Jun 15 @ 6:50am 
do you know cyb3r_knight
Chickserino Jun 3 @ 12:35am 
i am dog