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endien`hearttouching Aug 5 @ 5:03am 
-rep playing with wallhack on faceit !
Rambi Apr 20 @ 11:34am 
also, another german waller
Rambi Apr 20 @ 11:09am 
-rep wallhacking cunt
✪ B -iwnl- Apr 16 @ 6:21am 
-rep cheaer
♕No✪ڪ3nڪe®♕2.0 Apr 16 @ 5:35am 
hi im a russian matchmaking in play call-of-duty-strike GO.
i play mode teamdeathmach plus bomb sometime. i prestige with sniper. i have mikrofon it like telefon but internet. sometime i speak after 24round to curse at teammate. he is suka noob. sometime i go kill sometime i do not kill i die. some time i do global elite taktik i say rush b or a it work everytime sometime so i dont change.
MoNsTeRツ Apr 15 @ 10:58am 
reportttttttttttttttt noob