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Ok i'm writing this because I have to get my word out about this game,

- The games soundtrack is kinda good i guess
- No Uplay

- The game controls like ♥♥♥♥
- The sounds are annoying
- The story is uninteresting
- Game play is uninteresting
- Lack of anything fun
- Feels empty and soulless
- The plants weird breathing noise\
- The fact this game exist

I'm serious, when my friend bought this game as a joke (my friend buys weird games that are on sale and gifts them to me as a joke) I was laughing my ass off. I mean really a game called grow home that is one of the worst titles i have ever heard. Me and him both downloaded it and played it and both were joking in Skype about how this is the worst game we ever played. However when he stopped I stuck through it and actually completed this boring stale game.
Was it worth it


I'm not kidding when i say this game controls like ♥♥♥♥ , BUD wobbles around like a drunk man and using your mouse as grips with alternating grips for the respective hands is ok. However that is the game there is nothing else you climb the plant and shove the phallic looking flowers into shining rocks and escalate back up to your ship and deliver the seed from the plant. Now after spending all this time to climb up this plant (constantly falling off because as said before BUD is drunk) what do you get. The game says to go search the map for 8 more seeds. After that I was done, so i went to see some reviews for this game to see how much people hate this game only to find the most unexplained thing to happen in my life. I could not find a negative review, everyone loves this game and thinks it is a masterpiece and is "cute" and "heartfelt" and "fun". How, how do people actually enjoy this game. I have literally had all my friends play it to watch there reactions and they all say they hated it and it was terrible. So I have meet no one in person who actually likes this game only in the reviews. All the negative reviews of grow home i found went a bit like "will someone help I love this game but I can't run it". I know the game grumps played it and that's where its popularity came from I guess, but still this game is not fun.

Don't waste the money to buy Grow Home, even though the price is low to buy this game no amount of money is worth this game.
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