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This game is a strange one.

Playing online is best for the dangerously paranoid. Only someone who jumps at their own shadow stands a chance of surviving.

This is not due to the monsters. Yes, there is that saying of "humans are the real monsters". That saying very much applies here, especially if those humans have stun batons.

Each role can completely destroy the ship. I've done it myself many times. Only a determined and focused crew stands even the slightest chance of stopping a griefer in their tracks. For example:

The captain. He spawns with a revolver, and has access to the entire ship. Many people want his head for this very reason. If he raids the armory and decides everyone needs to die, then he will no doubt cause a lot of damage before being put down.

The security officer. This guy can stun you and then do any manner of hostile things to you. Do not trust these guys - keep them at arms length, if that.

The medical doctor. These guys can charge at you and inject you with opiates or other poisons until you are dead. Doctors in the wild are to be treated with extreme suspicion.

The mechanic. They can break into anywhere with their crowbar, and can hurt people bad with it in only one swing. A threat to much of the crew, they are no match to the security officer with their starting gear.

The engineer. Although the weakest in terms of firepower, they are no less deadly. They come armed with a screwdriver, which they can use to rewire the sub into an unrecoverable mess. Alternatively, they can pick up all the fuel rods and dump them out of the sub. Both events are catastrophic.

Then consider the respawn shuttle. The shuttle used by most servers has an escape hatch that floods the entire shuttle when opened. Griefers use this to prevent respawned players from getting back to the sub.

Then there are the more inventive ways of chaos, such as planting bombs and triggering them on opening a door, or disguising oneself as an innocent crewmember and committing mass murder in their name.

The methods of chaos are endless in this game.

(Protect the reactor)
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Fox Vintage Killer Dec 4, 2018 @ 8:57pm 
great job! :weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed::weed:
Fox Vintage Killer Mar 23, 2016 @ 1:53pm 
Fox Vintage Killer Dec 26, 2014 @ 1:22pm 
ay o
Luigiatl Jul 15, 2013 @ 7:26am