Steve   Friedrichsdorf, Hessen, Germany
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:stop: Play fair, don't cheat!
:stop: Please leave a comment why you're adding me.

:csgox: I don´t accept private profiles.
:csgox: I don´t accept VAC banned profiles.
:csgox: I won't accept if your steam level is 5 or less.
:csgox: Don't ask or beg for free games or items.
:csgox: Do not invite me to random groups.
:csgox: If you´re an active user feel free to add me.

:sticky: Age: 35
:sticky: Birthday: 14.10.1984
:sticky: Name: Steve
:sticky: Gender: Male
:sticky: From: Germany
:sticky: Languages: German, English
:sticky: Favorite genres: Co-Op, Shooter
:sticky: Favorite games: H&G, CS:GO, COD-MW3, Serious Sam (all of them), Payday 2
:sticky: Favorite youtuber: Der Hardi, Simon's Cat, Slivki Show
:sticky: Favorite music genres: Dance, Trance, Club, 90's
:sticky: Clan: -no clan-
:sticky: Crew: -member of teamduplo-

:german: Rank: unranked
:german: Highest Rank: Master Guardian 2
:german: Favourite Maps: Overpass, Mirage, Dust2
:german: Favourite Weapons: UMP-45

Online Status:
:maple_leaf: Online: Usually I will answer instantly.
:maple_leaf: Away: I'm afk, I will answer when I'm back.
:maple_leaf: Busy: I'm doing smth. else, maybe I will answer.
:maple_leaf: In Game: Probably I will not answer if i have a save point
:maple_leaf: Mobile: - - - - -

My Setup:
:bms: CPU: i7-6700
:bms: RAM: 16 GB
:bms: Graphicscard: Nvidia GeForce 1070 GTX
:bms: Harddrive 1 : 256 GB SSD
:bms: Harddrive 2 : 2 TB HDD

Gaming Equipment:
:glasswindow: Consoles: PS2, Wii, SNES
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★ [=D]AlphaDuplo ✔ Jun 12 @ 8:29pm 
Hey H33k! Thanks for reaching out to one of my Team members.
I'm sorry that you were disappointed within a random CS:GO match.
Either way I can confirm no one on the Team is cheating nor does anyone play with cheaters.
(Which you can also see as Rhino got a 11yr steam profile!)
Hope you'll find a good game next time and won't spread false flame! Meanwhile, cya around.
H33K Jun 12 @ 8:14pm 
Ill check your profile later :wasted:
Meanwille, cya around.
[=D]RhinoDuplo Jun 12 @ 7:37pm 
sorry for your sad match
we call it teamplay H33K
but thank you for your feedback
H33K Jun 12 @ 6:31pm 
- Rep Cheating assotiation (Boosted by cheater)
[=D]RhinoDuplo Jun 4 @ 10:38am 
thank you AlphaDuplo :good:, you're the very best BRO on the earth :heartgr:
[=D]BioDuplo Jun 4 @ 10:36am 
+rep for playing only UMP in CSGO during u have 12k to buy weapons for u'r us.