Dr Gordon Freeman
IntentionalMost325 (not my real name why do u want it)   New Zealand
Somebody who likes the half life series possibly some other games that are not half life related

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Welcome to my profile!
Games I play (Outdated Lol)

Garry's Mod
Payday 2
Surgeon Simulator
And some games I cannot think of!


If i'm online you can type me
If i'm away you can type me but don't spam
If i'm busy don't type at me unless if it's important
If i'm offline sleep or at school
If i'm still offline I had a power outage/Internet issues/PC broken/or still sleeping
If I go offline instantly BSOD internet cut off or power outage

Please also refrain from saying rep because I don't support this junky system

If you add me please tell me why or else your denied
If you keep adding me when i denied your request. You're blocked
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