joey lamb   Fresno, California, United States

To any traders, scammers who Come across this profile, do not add me at all, this is your only warning, leave me be

if i added you, look down below to read my friend adding rules. :3

hey i see you found me, guess you earn the award to see who i am. go ahead and check out the info box. anyways have a nice day :D

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Dragonman empire - Public Group
Draconic empire
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info about me and oc info
irl info
im furry and a brony and im proud of both :3
relationship status: taken
oc info
oc name: emperor fire star
relationship status: taken
abilities: can transform into a human,pony, anthro version,and feral version as well as half pony/half dragon called a kirin
info: currently a ruler of an empire called the dragonman empire and is currently seeking ways to expand it.
random stuff to know:
i have a group and a discord, if you wish to join both, let me know and ill send you the invite for both.
friend adding:
if i add you as friend, then that means i wish to be friends with you,
but if your someone adding me to be friends then ill accept.
best friends list:
zophie blackheart
kita darkeye
Rp status:
Rp: yes
Erp: yes
xbox one info:
come join me on xbox since ill be on there more frequantly now as well as on steam too
discord info:Dragonman#1219 friend me on discord if you want, or send random things to me, do what ever i wont judge :3

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last played on Sep 22
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Nurse Reshiram Sep 16 @ 6:17pm 
Hoi! :3
Hallowlicious Sep 6 @ 7:53am 
Dragonman™ Jul 20 @ 1:14am 
:o a random fellow dragon has appeared! they must be friended immediately! :3
BlueScaled Jul 19 @ 4:10pm 
like, zoinks.
Mr. Hawkeye ™ Jul 4 @ 3:56am 
yay i can still talk in here :3
Dragonman™ Jul 3 @ 9:12pm 
why am i not seeing other people comment on my propfile, i dont mind stormy doing it but want others doing it too so yea