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Hello ;-)

Higher Speyer best town on world ^^

CS NICK SINCE 1999: fAnta201 shortnick: fA
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xLr Jun 13 @ 12:01pm 
hättest mit deiner familie in auschwitz sterben sollen du ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Zander Apr 13 @ 1:11pm 
low skill only p90 spraying. Hits too many headshots / pre fire probably hacks too
hgashashsahsa ive nevr seen such a silver player in faceit
Wamoth Mar 11 @ 2:51pm 
3k hrs and still has to use a p90
250 kg beast Feb 27 @ 3:03pm 
"skill" german xd
250 kg beast Feb 27 @ 2:06pm 
How long you think that your account will last on faceit? Btw classic German with cheats