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I'm a creator of Originahl-Scripts [originahl-scripts.com] and Zworld-Afterlife [zworld-afterlife.com] (zmod). If you have any questions regarding my scripts, please create a ticket (if you are a buyer), or post a comment on the script if you have a question.

If you have a problem with the site create an appeal and a moderator will deal with it on the website.

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If you want to add, please leave a comment on my profile about why you are adding me. Don't add if you are banned from the site. If you need support, open a ticket for the respective script.

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My Addons on Originals Scripts : https://originahl-scripts.com

My project Zworld (know as Zmod) : https://zworld-afterlife.com

☰SCALEWAY DEDIBOX the largest choice of high-end dedicated servers by Nordahl [www.scaleway.com]
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☰ Zworld Afterlife official website [zworld-afterlife.com]

Author & Creator of Zworld-Afterlife on Garry's mod
Author and composer of Original SoundTracks of Zworld-Afterlife
Author & Creator of Originahl-Scripts.

☰SCALEWAY DEDIBOX the largest choice of high-end dedicated servers [www.scaleway.com]

☰ Zworld Afterlife official website [zworld-afterlife.com]
☰ Originahl Scripts [originahl-scripts.com]
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David NordaHL Scripts May 26 @ 2:30am 
Welcome :)
Valeriosa May 25 @ 11:01pm 
zworld is fun :D
David NordaHL Scripts May 25 @ 2:32am 
Thank you Yoshi :)
Yoshi hellcase.com May 24 @ 2:47pm 
Hey Brother super propre tes addons Garry's Mod continue comme sa !
David NordaHL Scripts May 22 @ 3:05am 
Salut n'hésitez pas me poser votre question en privée sur le site FR : https://originahl-scripts.com/fr/home
Sur steam dès que je lis un message si je n'y répond pas tout de suite je perd la trace et il ne conserve pas l'historique d'une conversation. De plus je vérifie plus régulièrement le site que mon compte steam. :)
[LBRP] Altheron May 22 @ 2:18am 
Salit j'ai une petite question