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I'm still not a furry... right?
Pointless things about me cause I still don't know what to PUT HERE:

I played to 1950 as South Africa in HoI4
I nuked Japan 5 times as South Africa in HoI4
I've wasted just under 4000 hours of my life on 3 steam games alone
I love Vaporwave and Retrowave
I study Python but I'm kinda bad at it
I enjoy playing TF2, HoI4 and Terraria atm
For anyone who forgets, when I say pfp I mean profile picture
I wasted my time finding out how to access Steam on school computers, and now I can confidently say that I can
I change my location very often due to memes and flags I like. So please don't question it
If you're really bothered by where I'm from, I'm English and live in England (Yorkshire) but I'm more Irish/Scottish so that's fat
I may make it out that I'm Indonesian and that I was born and lived in Indonesia, but don't believe me (But am I really Indonesian? Hm)
Despite all my rage, I'm still a gay baby in a cage

I go through many names, for example:

The Truck
ddosed by dutch government

And more!

Other Platforms I am on:
Discord: raeder#0357
PS4: Nitro_Zombi
XBOX (even though I don't play xbox anymore): ZombiApprentice

(Some) PC Specs:
Processor: Intel Core i5+ 8400
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Storage: 1 TB

And for all who have commented anything about me being a furry in my comments,

Thanks for nothing
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