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Declan Housley is a big fat weeb
This guy is a nonce
This guy is a nonce
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Hey! I'm still me!
Welcome to this useless custom info box!
Well, perhaps not exactly useless.
Just some basics:
If I'm online, you can drop me a message, as I'm most likely on PS4 or watching YouTube.
You can add me without a comment, although it's nice knowing why people have added me. :scx_reed:
I do admit I'm a cunt at times, so please don't take it personal if I start insulting you or other things. I will most likely call you fat at least once due to force of habit, so if you're easily offended, this isnt the place for you, champ
I'm British, I live in England and I hate it here
My birthday is on the 1st of October

Things I like:
I love dark and british humour.
I love pretty much every game released by Valve, except CS:GO (Mainly cause I suck at it, but whatever).
Huge fan of History, Geography, Maps, Flags, you name it. All about that stuff
I love constantly customizing all of my profiles everywhere, I dont know why, I just like it
I'm a big fan of wasting my life on YouTube, watching YouTubers such as Pyrocynical, Jay Foreman and SethEverman
I love everything retro; 90's consoles like the N64, and things like that
I play Rainbow 6 Siege and Hearts of Iron 4 a lot

Add me on these too, if you actually care lol:
Discord: raeder#0357
PS4: Nitro_Zombi_
XBOX (even though I don't play xbox anymore): ZombiApprentice
Switch Friend Code: 0194 3557 5318

(Some) PC Specs:
Processor: Intel Core i5+ 8400
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Storage: 1 TB

And for all who have commented anything about me being a furry in my comments,

Thanks for nothing
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Final Drive Oct 20 @ 8:40am 
+rep Had an awesome time playing with you ^^
dukey-X | 排泄物 Oct 20 @ 8:34am 
+rep Awesome pub time man :8bitheart:
Donut bOI Oct 10 @ 9:23pm 
mainland china bad taiwan good
GermanPeter Oct 10 @ 1:16pm 
Physical embodiment of skill. Every Gibusvision Sniper dreams to be as godlike as this player. I heard that TF2 was only created so that they could play it.
Truly a fascinating and wonderful experience to play with this person.
W O K E Oct 2 @ 11:34am 
happu birthudayu weeb
SpookeantLeo™ Oct 1 @ 3:41am 
Bappy Birth Bay Batt :P: