Special thanks to Max for makin all the AWESOME events and artworks :B1:

How to counter the Phlog
How to kill [ĜĞ] kunnyfunt
How to easily make expert mvm trough by The Real

Evilb00n : uh
Evilb00n : why did you upgrade melee speed scout
Evilb00n : just curious
Beat : yeah...
Mentoss[GER] : for crits
Mordecai.nmc : wu
Beat : you know you can only mark one right=
Evilb00n : you do know that it does 90% less damage right
Mordecai.nmc : mh dat 3 dmg tho
Evilb00n : yah man it be crittin' fo' a full 9 damage
Evilb00n : wow
Evilb00n : so damage
Evilb00n : such amount
Evilb00n : wow
zank00wski : damn i need to copy that chat and public it
Mordecai.nmc : fan crits?
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Hello people!

This guide is mostly my work, BaK just fixes my terrible English and I thank him a lot for that!
[h1]Also this guide isn't about how to play MvM![/h1] it is just about how to increase the chance of staying in a lobby with experienced play
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