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:bbtduckshark:General Information
Hi, I am a 19 year old gamer/programmer living in Canada. I joined steam back in August 2013 and since then I have met some great people, done some great deals, and had a blast.

I'm a friendly guy and I wouldn't mind chatting up with you if you're cool, but I also have a short temper and can get really, really irritated if you annoy me. I hate people who beg for free items. The first time you do it, I'll just say no. The second time you do it, I'm gonna block you.


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Owner of AlphOne Bots
CS:GO Rep Thread Trust []
Steam Trading Bots Seller []


:bbtduckshark:Random Stuff

17:39 - BullDoser: you are a damn pervert
17:39 - BullDoser: I'm proud of you
17:39 - TehBoner: <3

12:42 PM - Sad Bone: Did you know
12:43 PM - Sad Bone: :3 looks like a pair of balls
12:43 PM - Boolander- Noh Escape: Did you know
12:43 PM - Boolander- Noh Escape: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
12:43 PM - Boolander- Noh Escape: Looks like me staring at :3

My profile's animated artwork was made by this awesome guy :8bitheart:
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looking to purchase a pubg bot
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