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Developers! Positive Review? Steamkey -> wuddPR@gmail.com

Help for Developers
< here was a decently long text that explained how to get help from me when you are a game developer >

150 devs are on the list right now and I decided that this is enough, I leave the reviewbait up, always worth a LUL.

Games on Steam I advised on that have more then 1000 reviews: ~160 (~80% average rating)

Idiots that sent me a key for a positive review: 27

You've seen me on the forum?
Not any longer if a mod was already in the thread. Have fun running into knives then.

Instead of trying to clean up the mess that Valves colontear mods produce on a daily basis, I will now persue them directly. I try to fix stuff that dumb mods do and tell wrongfully to other people on full purpose all the time and I actually contribute and I get banned by the same dumb mods nitpicking on my stuff.

If that is what Valve wants to do to long-term valuable people of the community by their slaves, ok, I have no problem with that, I will just replace actively helping and contributing with making some peoples life as eventful and costly as possible.

I am also developing a game series based on that. That will finance that path of fallen colontear mods. Stay tuned.

And be careful! DO NOT TRUST ANYTHING what an orange name pukes out, there is a very high chance they are misinforming you on purpose.
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